The All You Want System
72 Chapter 72
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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72 Chapter 72

This was the first time Haytam got hurt by someone else, he always felt pain from inside to outside of his body by the system or as he got the legacy. Whatever he felt that this experience was good for him to grow faster and now he knew that if he lost control he will burn everything to ashes.

" I have to learn how to control my powers, if I lost control again in a place where innocent people are, then it will be bad. But I have to say that this fire is really in an another level, my enemies will enjoy it in the future sure. Hahaha"

Haytam changed his clothes rapidly and looked around, but then he realized that the hall was burned completely and nothing survived the fire. So he realized that he changed his clothes outdoor and felt a little ashamed, but whatever it happend already and now doesn't matter anymore.

Then in the next moment he heard a lot of loud stomps coming from the north, he didn't knew what it was and so he walked ran there. As he arrived he saw an army walking to the sect. They all were wearing black armors and walked synchronized with each other. Haytam saw Jacob in the front too and knew immediately that it was Jacob with his army. Haytam knew directly that his job came to the end, then he did the difficult job and the easy one had Jacob to do it.

Haytam waited till Jacob reached him and then he said:" Jacob, you was fast. I already end with the problematic persons here. You have only to deal with the sect leader and your soldiers have to reunite all the disciples together, but if they resist than kill them directly."

" Ok, then go rest for now. I will deal with the rest." Then Jacob turned to the soldiers and said:" You all heard what he said, go and capture all the disciples!"

All the soldiers replied simultaneously :" Yes, general!"

Then the soldiers split in groups and began to capture all the disciples. This job will take a long time, because the sect had thousands of disciples and they all were in all the corners of the sect and till all of them are captured by the soldiers it's a long time.

Jacob summoned the fire wolf and went directly to the sect leader palace to kill him and avenge for everything he did the last decades.
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Haytam was now only a spectator and he would not interfere in nothing, he would interfere only if the situation needed it.

Jacob who flew to the palace saw the middle aged man waiting in the main hall, the first thing the sect leader said was:" I didn't expect that you will be the one who would plot against the sect, after all the things we helped you with. And who is the young man with you, I have to say that he is even stronger than me."

Jacob replied:" You don't have to know who he is, Carl. The only thing you have to know is that today you will die for all the things you did to the innocents."

Carl looked at Jacob with arrogance and said:" I don't have to pay for nothing, these little useless mortals have no meaning for me. You swore once that you will serve this sect, but now you are here destroying my sect."

Jacob replied:" I swore to protect the city and you want to destroy it with your acts, I had to do something about it. "

Carl replied:" I will not discuss with you, let's fight!"

Carl and Jacob run to each other and attacked both with a fist. The QI around them made the wall trembling and the walls began to crack. The punch and the other punch met and both were bumped back. The fists were equal in power and nobody had advantages in the first counter.

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    《The All You Want System》