The All You Want System
73 Chapter 73
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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73 Chapter 73

The atmosphere around the mayor and sect leader was very violent, if a QI Condensation realm cultivator was in their near, then he would be injured for sure only with their auras.

Carl said at first after the fist counter:" I didn't imagine that you will got so strong, if I remember rightly you were in the 3rd rank QI Condensation realm a few months ago, but now you are strong as me."

Jacob replied:" I had luck this few months and you will taste my luck today."

Carl laughed and said:" You luck events came at their end as you came to destroy my sect." Carl laughed, but in the inside he was feeling fear. He didn't expect that Jacob will become as strong as him and maybe stronger, then his hand was numb and he felt pain. He tried to look as relaxed as possible, but if Jacob was really stronger than him than he will try to escape don't matter what.

Jacob only said:" Stop talking and let's fight further. Don't waste my time."

Jacob felt very secure while the first counter, he felt that his power was as strong than from Carl. He was sure to defeat him today and go like a winner home. He waited for a long time for this moment and it was becoming truth. The person who made all this possible was Haytam and he had to thank him to give him this one time opportunity.

Then both continued fighting, Jacob used his fire element to attack and Carl used his earth element to attack too. But the quality was sure very big, the fire of Jacob was a lot more pure, than from Carl. That was because Jacob had woke up his bloodline and his QI evolved too.
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The attacks didn't stop and it was clearly to see that after more than hundred times hits from both side, they were both injured and their QI was at the end, they had only a third of their QI left.

But it was clearly that the worst part had the sect leader Carl and not Jacob. Carl looked very desperate and was bleeding from all parts of his body. Then Carl stopped and said:" I didn't want to use this , but you obligate me. This Blood Burning pill is the most precious thing I have for such moments and in a short time you will regret to attack my sect."

Then he swallowed a crimson red pill and instantly his eyes turned red and his QI began to grow.

This Blood Burning Pill was a pill that helped cultivators to increase their power for a short time, it took the cultivators to a berserk mode. But this QI was very dangerous too, then it burned the blood in ones body and the lifespan of a person. Normally as more you fight in this mode as more life you will lose, usually the cultivators would lose 20 years of their life. It was usually the last victory card of a cultivators.

Jacob saw how the QI of Carl increased and got angry, so he said:" I didn't thought that you would use such method, but you are not the only that can do something like that."

Jacob activated his bloodline and in the next moment the wolf appeared and his QI grown too, he had now the same amount of QI as at the beginning. His body changed his aura too and a very hot aura was surrounding his whole body.

As Carl saw this his insecurity came back too and was thinking what Jacob did this time. It was the first time to see something like this. He directly asked:" What did you do right now? How can you restore your QI so fast and where did the wolf and aura came from?"

Jacob smiled and responded:" this is my secret and it's a reason more to kill you today."

Carl replied:" Ok, than lets see who will kill the other first."

Then both jumped to each other and attacked. Jacob was working together with the Fire Wolf, so he had an advantage. He rapidly beat Carl in the ground, even if he ate the pill it was useless after Jacob activated his bloodline.

Carl who was on the ground half dead said:" You can't kill me, the Blue Wind Empire will not permit you do anything. This is their territory and they would not permit anyone to do what they want. They will came soon to inspect and if the find out what happend, than you will be finished."

As Jacob wanted to respond, Haytam appeared suddenly and replied:" This is not your problem anymore, you can die now. Uncle, finish him."

Then Jacob used a wind blade to cut his head from the body.

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    《The All You Want System》