The All You Want System
74 Chapter 74
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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74 Chapter 74

Jacob and Haytam looked each other and in their eyes was a satisfying feeling to see, this was easier as they thought. Haytam even thought that this sect was trash, they didn't even a hidden master or something as an ultimative victory card but a pill, whatever now they destroyed this sect and it was time to see in the future.

Jacob spoke at first:" Haytam, I am really thankful to you. Without you I were still in my little office without the power to do a change, but thanks to you I achieved one of my goals and liberate thousands of people of suffering from the part of this sect."

Haytam smiled and replied:" That was nothing, the real fight will begin now. Our goal is to develop Bay City to the number one city in all universes. I want to make this place the center of everything, I want that if someone hear the name of this city they would thought about the grandiosity of it. So the real shit has to begin yet."

Jacob smiled too and was impressed about the dream of Haytam, but something told him that it was possible what he said. He knew that his biggest luck was to know Haytam and knew that since Haytam appeared the sect wasn't a problem anymore. So he had only to follow Haytams future path and everything will be good.

Then suddenly a soldier came running and said:" General, Sir Haytam, we catch all the disciples already. What should we do with them? They are a few thousands disciples in total, we don't have sufficient jails for them all."

Haytam spoke at first and said:" Take this artifact and test every disciple. the one who pass the test can go, but he or she has to stay in Bay City and the one who fail it should be taken to jail for now."

Haytam took the Truth Stone and gave it to the soldiers, the question will be made by the stone itself so it was secure and 100% functional.

The soldier took the stone and went again to the place were the disciples were reunited, he didn't knew what this stone was, but he he had to listen to Haytam, since the General ordered it.
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In the way he felt that the stone began to blow and a few question appeared in his head and he had to answer it automatically. Then he understood how the stone worked, when a person touched the stone they had to answer the question without hesitation, he understood this and cut a piece of his clothes, then he used it as a cover for the stone.

but the most shitty in this situation was that he and his mates had to ask thousands of disciples.

Back to Jacob and Haytam, they were talking. Haytam said:" Uncle, do you have a plan at first how to improve the city at first?"

Jacob replied:" Yes, but it will take a long time. We don't have the resources now and we have also a deficit of cultivators. At first I wanted to buy a formation for QI gathering for the city to help cultivators to be faster cultivating. Then without the sufficient power the other would swallow us rapidly and we can't resist."

Haytam thought for a moment and replied and said:" Let me this matter for me, I have something that is perfect for this use. And I think an academy for everyone to learn cultivation can help us. The citizen should increase their power and intelligence too."

Jacob found it a bit strange to let the citizen the opportunity to cultivate, so he asked:"Why should the citizen improve their power and intelligence? It is only a waste of resources."

Haytam laughed and replied:" You should know this fact: As better is the life of the citizens and their power and the ability to think why and how something is and to critic as better the environment will be, if we have only strong cultivators and weak citizen, than the equilibrium of power will break quickly. As more the normal citizen are suppressed as more weaker the city will be, like here. So we have to create an equilibrium between all types of peoples."

Jacob thought for a long time about it, then he asked:" It's good, I agree with you. But who will change the equilibrium, the most cultivators are brainless and the teachers are weak and they refuse the whole time to teach others without getting huge amounts of gold coins."

Haytam laughed and said:" Don't worry, I know the right persons for this job." As he said that he thought about the young immortals in the pearl, they all mastered all kinds of knowledge and were raised in an modern environment and they are masters in their respective cultivation paths.

Jacob could only see at Haytam with confusion.

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    《The All You Want System》