The All You Want System
75 Chapter 75
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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75 Chapter 75

Haytam saw the confusion in Jacobs face and said:" Don't think too much about it. Let' go to the city first, we have to say the new good news to the people who waited for this matter for years."

Jacob could only nod and went with with Haytam to the city, but this time they went to the city hall.

As Jacob entered the building of the city hall all officers saluted him on their way to hi office. All of them shown him the maximal respect a officer could offer and they were very happy to have him as the mayor of the city, it could be said that he was the only mayor that was really respected and accepted to 100% by his officers and citizen.

On the way to the office of Jacob, Jacob said to a woman:" Miss Lee, call all the high ranked officers to come to my office. Say to them it's very important and they have to be here in the next 20 minutes."

Miss Lee replied quickly:" Yes, sir Jacob."

Then they continued to the office and waited for these people. These high ranked officers were the ministers and generals of the city, everyone has an important role in the city and helped to develop it to better. The problem was that they weren't cultivators and they could only do their job in the way it was said from the sect, they were originally part of the original plot plan against the sect, but then Haytam appeared and everything changed.

After they waited approximately 15 minutes a group of middle aged and old men and women entered the office of Jacob, they looked all confused, because that was the first time that the mayor called them in such of hurry. In total they were 7 people, five were men and two women. The oldest, who was the finance minister, spoke at first :" Dear mayor, why such hurry?"
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Jacob smiled and said:" Hello to you all at first. I have good news to tell you, so sit on the reunion table first."

They all looked him till confused and went to the table first, then they waited to hear what he had to say. They saw the young man by his side too and they couldn't understood why he was here.

Then Jacob said:" Today is an historical day for our city. The sect, who terrorized our beloved city for so long, has fallen. From now on we will be free from any restriction made by others and we will rise as a big city soon. This all is thanks to my friend here, he was the one who made the way free for me to defeat the sect today."

All the people in the room fell from their sits and his mouths were wide opened, their schock was visible and they couldn't realize it at first. Jacob saw their reaction and laughed, then he said:" Please, come back. What I said is true and this is only the beginning. If your reaction every time is like this, then your heart will not support you for long."

The officers could only calm after five minutes, then the general of the city asked:" How did you did that without the help of an army?"

Jacob quickly replied :" That doesn't matter now. I called you to tell you our future plan and for that we need your help, because it has to be done quickly."

As they heard Jacob, they become serious again and began to hear what Jacob wanted to say.

But it wasn't Jacob who began to speak, it was Haytam instead.

" Hello, I am Haytam and I will be your guide on our path to develop this beautiful city. Nice to meet you."

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    《The All You Want System》