The All You Want System
76 Chapter 76
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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76 Chapter 76

Three years later.

Today was an very important day for the whole Bay City and the surrounding of the city. All the citizens were walking to the city center, all of them seem very happy and their were laughing talking along the way with their family and friends. All the streets were decorated with flowers and decorations, the streets were all very clean and no dirt could be seen.

Today was the weeding party of Haytam and Alice, after three years together they decided to marry and they did it public so all the citizen could celebrate with them.

In the highest building of the city, that was brand new and more than 500 meters long, Haytam was in the highest part of the skyscraper. Haytam was seeing through the window Bay City and wondering what he had reached this few three years. He smiled when he remembered how the city looked like three years ago and now.

The city changed completely, if someone who was three years ago here and came back now, he would say that he came to the wrong city. The city had a lot of new high buildings with more than 200 meters and the largest was who he was now, it was called Ranger Tower and was his personally building. The streets were now asphalted and big enough for cars to drive in both senses.

The streets were full with stores and it seemed like a modern street. The cars were moving in the street, even if they were very few.

The people wore clothes like the ones in the big cities Haytam and Alice saw in their trip to Saint City.

What Haytam was shocked the most was the intelligence of the people here, they needed only one year to master the plans he gave them. He gave him plans of how to mix concrete or the best way to build a building. He gave them the idea of produce in a fabric instead of artesanal workshops. They could master all this things in very little time.

But they couldn't do that all for alone, but thanks that the news spread very fast that Bay city needed workers and more people, a lot of people from other little cities came to Bay City. Even a lot of people from big and middle cities came to live in Bay City. Thanks to that the development became faster and faster.

And as the normal citizen learned to cultivate and growing stronger, even if they knew they couldn't be masters cultivating, they used their abilities in the normal life and work. The benefits of cultivating was very big, for example construction of buildings became more easier and they could build after two and half years build skyscrapers.

The most important person that joined them was Leonardo Gustav, an engineer and architect with a lot of talent. With the help of Haytams plans and books, he remodeled the whole city in one year and expand it for three sizes bigger. The city was like perfect designed and all the old buildings disappeared and new buildings were built.

Of course at first time the citizen weren't really in agreement to help to develop the city, they weren't prepared for it. One of the reason was that it came so suddenly that they weren't sure. You can imagine if someone comes to you and says that the tyrannical boss is away and that everything will change and you have to go to school and learn to cultivate. You even have to change your home and everything.

But thanks to Haytam who could persuade them with a speech and a lot of benefits, the citizen agreed quickly and from then they learned and did a lot of new things. The first year a lot of public buildings were organized in temporary schools and a lot of powerful teachers came to teach them cultivation and a lot of strange and unknown knowledge. After two months in these schools the people could choose wich specialization they wanted to do, like architect or mathematics or medicine. But every specialization had it own restriction of grades or strength. Like the normal people who weren't talented in anything, they would learn a new profession or to learn more about their previous profession, like the construction workers or sellers.

After one year all the people finished their formation and the remodeling of the city began officially with a lots of changes, that even the own citizen were astonished about. At the beginning a lot of them didn't knew what to do, but Leonardo Gustav guided them all through the reconstruction.
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The only thing that all the citizen asked about was about from where all the materials came from for all this work, then everything they needed was available and it didn't matter what it was. Even the bigger cities sent spies to find out from where the city became their materials, because as they noticed the changes in Bay City, they tried to cut all the supply for Bay City. But Haytam sent his 'kids' to hunt them and kill them and then he said to the public:" Don't ask about the origin of these materials and be thankful to don't pay for them." Of course all these materials came from the system and he wouldn't let the others know about the system.

Haytam also introduced a new system of politic, it was a democratic parliament like on earth with a lot of political parties, that are chosen every five years to govern, but with a royal family that represent the city and controls the army and cultivators. The royal family was of course his family and Jacobs family, the king now was Jacob, because Haytam didn't wanted to govern. But only Haytam was able to chose the one who would be the king, and as you know Haytam will have a long live so everything will be in his control.

" Sir Ranger, it's time for the wedding, please come with me for the last preparations."

Haytam nodded and smiled, he was very satisfied with the last three years and everything what he reached. Now and today was his big day and he will enjoy it to the maximum.

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    《The All You Want System》