The All You Want System
77 Chapter 77
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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77 Chapter 77

Haytam went with the maid to the preparation room to do the last things. The first he saw as he entered the room was a black suit, the suit was awesome and high quality made, even the best mode brands wouldn't dare to compare their suits with this one. Haytam saw the suit and said to the system:" System, thank you for everything. Without you I wouldn't be here, I am the luckiest person the world thanks to you."

The system replied directly, after Haytam thanked it, and said:" Master, I have to say that you are the one who worked hard to get what you want. If you were the type of person who would do anything with the system, without trying to do something by yourself, I have had left you without hesitation. Even if I was created from the Void QI for you, I am still able to leave you if I think you are not worthy of me. "

Haytam smiled and didn't replied, he knew this information already since two years. At this time he had the choice to let the city be built completely by the system or let the citizen, officers and workers to work together and he decided the second one. As he did so, the system told him this information, because the system accepted Haytam completely. Since the system evolved in the trial of the Alchemy God, it was more independent and could decided leave Haytam or stay by him.

Whatever Haytam changed his clothes and was ready for the weeding, he was very confident an didn't felt nervous about it. He was since one year sure about marrying Alice, after more than two years in a relationship, they were truly in love with each other. He also didn't felt attracted by any other women, so he was sure to marry her.
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Their relation had their downs and ups, but at the end they got over all these together as pair. And as he brought his parents and his family two years ago, they loved her at the first blink. His mother loved Alice and from the first day on she treated her as her own daughter and even neglected Haytam. And from then she asked every time when they would become a grandchild for her and Haytam had to escape from this question the whole time. Now he could made his mothers wish true. Even if it sounds crazy, he didn't had any sexual relation with her till now. He was indeed very conservative and thought that sexual relations should be done after the marriage. But Alice was like this too, because we shouldn't forget that they are in a world who men could marry a lot of women, but sexual relations before the marriage was seen very bad. But it was very contradictory too, because whore houses were very normal to see in big cities. This world was unique and the logic couldn't be applicated here.

Now he walked out and walked to the hall were the wedding takes place alone. Everyone was already there and was waiting for the marriage partner. At first Haytam entered the hall and every one was seeing him, they were all family and close friends. But what attracted his attention was his mother crying in the front, he quickly walked to her and asked:" Mom, what happend?"

his mother replied:" You are now so old and today is your big day. I am very proud to have you as my son. I am only happy, don't worry. Look you wife is coming now, walk rapidly to the altar." Then she kissed him and hugged him.

Haytam was touched by his mother, but he quickly walked to the altar, then he saw a wonderful bride walking to him, by her side was Jacob accompanying her. She looked like an angel from the heaven with her beautiful white dress and the flowers crown on her head. When Haytam saw her could only thing one thing: this beautiful angel will be my wife after today.

As they reached the altar, Jacob turned back and went to sit next to Haytams parents, he had a few tears in his eyes too, like Haytams parents, and was because of happiness.

Then the wedding continued like a normal and then came the part where Haytam and Alice said Yes:" Alice do you want to be Haytams wife?" She replied:" Yes, I do." And then with Haytam:" Haytam do you want to be the husband of Alice?" He replied:" Yes, I do" Then they put the rings in the other hand and kissed each other. Then all guests clapped for them.

As they finished both went to the balcony, where all the citizen could see them. As they went outside and showed the people the rings in their hands, all the people began clap, whistle and making sounds of happiness. They celebrated to the maximum with all sorts of meat, wine and snacks, the guests in the hall also.

But as all the people were celebrating, a sound came from the heaven and the QI from the space around them began to gather in the sky and a eye form black hole appeared above them all.

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    《The All You Want System》