The All You Want System
78 Chapter 78
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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78 Chapter 78

As the Eye form hole appeared in the sky, Haytam and all the Immortal Ascension realm had felt it already a few seconds before. They directly felt the anomaly that happend, because all the QI in the surroundings was sucked to the hole. Haytam and the 23 immortal youths disappeared from where they were and appeared above the city. They all were watching what happend, but they knew already what this hole was.

This hole appeared when someone from an upper world came to this world and the use this holes to travel through the space, so they reach their destiny faster.

Haytam said:" What are this bastards doing here in my wedding day." Then he sighed and said to the youth immortals:" If they try to do something silly, then don't kill them rapidly. We didn't have fun for a long time."

Christian, one of the orphans, replied:" Boss, why not to kill them instantly?"

Sam laughed and said to Christian:" You are the last one who should say something about killing fast. At your last slaughter you played with the enemies for two entire days. You literally burned them for two days without letting them to die."

Christian showed a sinister smile and said:" Haha, that was only because they tried to kill my beloved Dragon Horse."

Haytam smiled, but then he turned serious again and said:" Shut up, if you want to fight then do it an another day. Sometimes I think you two need to be separated for ever, can't you be quite while when you are together."

Both closed their mouths and looked down and tried to show a cute expression for pardon, the others as they saw hoe they reacted in front of Haytam, laughed them until tears appeared.

Whatever, as Haytam saw how both looked at them said:" I mean, sometimes you are so different, but at the same time so similar. "

Then he looked again to the hole and said:" They are coming, prepare yourself for everything."

Then all 23 of them nodded and looked at the hole too.
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After a few moments a group of persons appeared from the hole. They all looked saintly and pure without any imperfection and looking arrogantly to the view they saw. They looked like angels coming from the heaven to the mortal world and their white tunics perfectly blown by the wind and making them looking more handsome. The group was made from ten cultivators, five males and five female.

As they came out from the hole and looked around them, they were a little confused. It was like they didn't recognize the place they came to and it was a completely strange one. A girl from the group asked the guy in the middle of them:" Big brother, where are we? From the description of the elders should be land in a city in the mountains,but this is a plane land."

The guy in the middle, who saw to be the leader of this group:" I don't know too. I traveled before here, but it wasn't this place where we landed."

An another guy said:" Brother Ben, it should be a mistake from the sect elders. They should have changed the by a mistake the place where we land:"

The big brother Ben replied:" That is impossible, because the array send you to the richest place of QI in the world where you want to go and in this world it is the Dragon peak."

An female said in this moment:" Big brother Ben, look there is a group of persons floating above the city there. Lets ask them."

Then all of them suddenly felt the presence of Haytam and the others, they felt also strange, because they should have felt them earlier, but it was until the girl saw them. They looked in the direction of Haytam and saw them floating without making a noise. Brother Ben said then:" They look to be the strongest one here, lets ask them."

Then they flew there.

Haytam saw how the flew in their direction and smiled, they all knew why they were here. Then they could hear everything if the want in a radius of more than 100 kilometers thank to their cultivation.

Haytam was polite and said as they reached them:" Hello, welcome in my city. Can I know where you came from?"

Brother Ben and the others looked each other strangely, then they thought that Haytam acted to calm and the others too and that wasn't normal. In a normal situation they would be welcomed like high prestige guests, it was more strange for Brother Ben that already came here a few years ago.

The tallest female in the group said with arrogance as she heard the question of Haytam:" Look at this land bumpkin, he doesn't even know where we came from and even dare to ask." Then she said:" You don't have the right to ask, tell us where we are!"

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    《The All You Want System》