The All You Want System
79 Chapter 79
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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79 Chapter 79

As the girl said that, Haytams and the others face turned for a second black, but rapidly turned normal again. Of course they were bothered by what she said, but it was till too early to kill them or beat them up. Haytam showed a kind smile and said:" I am sorry about what I said, but we don't know who you are and we are a little insecure. We are now in Bay City, it's a new big City established a short time ago. How can we help you?"

The girl showed an arrogant expression and nodded, then she said:" This is better."
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Brother Ben asked then:" Where is the Dragon Peak? We shouldn't be her, we have something to do there. It would be good for you if you tell me fast, I don't care if you are a new big city or anything."

Christian replied this time, he couldn't hear their arrogant sounds or see their arrogant expression :" What if not, do you dare to touch us?"

The ten cultivators from the upper world looked strangely this young man, who seemed to be maximal in the Foundation establishment realm and dared to speak with them like this. Brother Ben said:" I think you don't know who we are and you don't know what is better for you. I give you a lesson today." Then he let his aura from the 3rd rank Golden Core realm and sent it to the group of Haytam. He was sure he would made them fall to the ground, because from the data they had, was the strongest man in this world in the Golden Core realm and he knew that only the Dragon Peak had a Golden Core realm cultivator.

Haytam was the first who reacted, but he did not defend himself, because he was in the Immortal Ascension realm too, like the others and a Golden Core cultivator was nothing for him. Haytam thought and decided to use his acting ability, then he felt to the ground and acted like being in pain. As the others saw ho Haytam acted, they did the same and began to fall like meteorites. But before they through themselves out from the city to not destroy anything.

As the group from the upper world saw this show, they believed that it was because of Brother Ben and it wasn't acting, because it saw so realistic. The same girl that sait the were not worth to ask them said:" Haha, they deserve it. Brother Ben is s strong."

The others laughed too and saw how Haytam and the others in pain and were amusing from the show. Then Brother Ben said:" This is how it should be like, these ants were refusing to answer so they needed to be punished. "

The others agreed with Brother Ben and one of them asked:" Brother Ben, I like the girls that were with them, can I have them? I didn't collect dolls for a long time."

This one was a puppet master and he made battle puppets from humans bodies, it was an uncommon profession in the upper world and was most used by demon cultivators.

Brother Ben replied:" You know what master said, you can only collect puppets when nobody knows about it. So yes, you can. But wait until they respond my questions."

The man that asked saw so innocent and pure, that nobody would say that he was a demon cultivator, he looked very content with the answer of Brother Ben and said:" Thank you big brother, you are the best."

But in this moment and terrifying aura appeared from the place were Haytam and young immortals 'felt' and then the whole group appeared in front of them again, but this time with black faces and with killing instinct. Then Haytam said to them at first because he was in the front:" We wanted to play with you a little bit, but you made a group in the immortal ascension realm angry."

The group from the upper world looked each other and began to laugh, then a girl said:" Are you kidding? This bumpkin people got their head injured, he said that they all are in the Immortal ascension realm, I can't laugh more, hahaha"

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    《The All You Want System》