The All You Want System
80 Chapter 80
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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80 Chapter 80

All of them laughed non stop and didn't believe what Haytam said, one of them said:" Brother Ben, you hit them too strong. I think we can end them know, with their head injured to this state can only mean that they will not be useful for us."

Brother Ben laughing said:" Yes, you have right. I think i hit them too strongly. Tom, end them now, before they go crazy completely here."

Tom replied:" Yes, big brother. I will finish them in less than a minute."

Then Tom reunited his QI in his right palm and said:" Buda Destruction Palm!!", he used his technique for group killing and his killing intention was very strong and it was mixed with the confidence of his power.

As the gigantic palm felt from the sky to Haytams group a neble appeared and nothing could be seen through. They thought that the whole group was killed by Tom and it came to the end, then they decide to go to the city and search information there.

But of course it wouldn't be so easy to kill a group of young people in the Immortal Ascension realm. The neble disappeared after the attack and Haytam and the group stood there without any sign of damage, the most important was that they all were smiling and seeing the group of Brother Ben.

In their way to the city, the group of Brother Ben felt a cold chill in their necks and felt like being watched by someone. They looked back and saw Haytam and the others and were surprised. Tom was the most surprised, he never thought that they could survive his attack, then even Brother Ben would have a bad time with this attack and wouldn't came through this attack so easily.

Then he said stuttering:" Ho How is this possible? They are all weak ants and they were even injured by brother Ben before. They shouldn't be alive."
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As brother Ben wanted to say something and opened his mouth to speak, he was stopped by Haytam:" I said that you made a group of cultivators in the Immortal Ascension realm. Do you think that you came here by a mistake, the answer is: No. this place is the new center of this world and the Dragon Peak is nothing compared to us. I wanted to let you alive, but with such an attitude in my city and trying to kill us without without reason and you wanted to use our sister as puppets. It's clear that you signed your death contract as you came here."

Then Haytam let his aura out and suppressed them to the ground in the same way as Ben did. They tried to resist, but it was meaningless. Then they felt real fear and wanted to go back in time to change what they did, but it was too late. Ben tried to beg for pardon:" Please let us go, we will never came here again and I will make sure that nobody never dare to make trouble in your territory. Please!!"

Haytam heard what he had to say, but then he said to him:" You are not worthy to sty alive. A person like and your group bring only bad to the world, it will be better if the Yama-King handle with you in hell. Now have a good journey to hell, bye bye." Then he pressed them in the ground till they became pulp of flesh and blood and organs, it was disgusting.

But what nobody expect is that a girl, the one who signaled them at the beginning, was still alive and a QI shield was around her. She already fainted and maybe she even didn't knew that she was still alive. She was the most beautiful in the group too, but that doesn't matter. the shield continued only for a few seconds more working and then it turned to dust and flew away. At the same time a necklace turned to dust too and disappeared too.

As Haytam saw the girl, he sighed and said:" If she survived the attack, than we let her live. Sara take her with you, when she wake up, bring her to me."

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    《The All You Want System》