The All You Want System
82 Chapter 82
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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82 Chapter 82

Haytams office

Haytam waited for a few minutes waiting for the girl, at this time Alice had already left and he was alone there again. Then someone knocked the door and entered the office, this time was Sara instead of the servant, behind Sara was the girl.

The girl looked sad and angry, under her eyes was black and her eyes red. She entered the office and saw the same man, that killed the people who were there to protect her. She thought that she had luck, that her grandpas necklace did protect her in this situation and she could save her live, but at the same time she was very sad about the dead of her protectors.

As she saw the man who killed her protectors, she shouted:" You killer, why didn't you kill me like them?!! What do you want from me?" She let all her anger out and her eyes got even bigger and more red.

Haytam who was still sitting calmly, saw her in her eyes and chased her more fear. She saw his eyes and it was like seeing in the universe without end, his eyes made her feel unsure and she hide behind Sara.

Sara laughed silently and said to Haytam:" Big Brother, don't intimidate her, she is still young, don't even 13 years old."

Haytam was surprised this time, but very hard. He thought the girl was minimum 16 or 17 years old, then he asked Sara shocked:" Are you sure? Didn't she fooled you, I mean she looks so pure and innocent, maybe you felt in her trap."

Saras expression turned black and said to Haytam:" Big Brother, you know that we can know if someone lied to us or not and we can scan the peoples bone to know more about their physical information."

Haytam looked nervous for a moment and replied:" You are right little sister, I forgot." Haytams sounds very nervous and agreed to Sara without hesitation. The reason was that Saras temper could change very rapidly and she can begin a fight without reason, but the real problem was that their cultivation level was the same, even if Haytam had a better QI and was stronger, she knew more techniques and skills and can be compared to him, when he fights without external help.

Whatever Haytam turned his look back to the girl and said:" Sit down there, we have to talk. And don't try to fool me, I am very impatient in such situations." Haytam spoke in a rude mode to show his power, he wanted to make her nervous, so she tell him everything without trying to keep in secret something.

The girl sat in the chair in front of the office and Sara sat in the second chair too, then she said:" My father told what men like do with girls like me and I will rather die then doing anything with you."

Haytam hearing her began to laugh until he couldn't breath anymore, he even had a tear in his right eye. The he said:" Do you really think that I will do anything with you. And what kind of father tells his 13 years old daughter such things. Don't worry, I am fresh married and even if, you are too young for me."

The girl replied:" What do you mean with too young, I am already 13 years old. I am already a woman."

Haytam laughed again and replied:" Keep on dreaming. Now, let get serious. Tell me everything about you and from where you came from and why. I warn you, don't try to hide anything, I will know it."

The girl was of course nervous and didn't know what to do, she didn't wanted to tell Haytam anything, but she felt pressure coming from him. But then Sara said:" You can tell him anything, he wouldn't do anything without a reason."

The girl replied:" But he killed all my protectors, he is a bad person."

Sara replied:" Do you know that your protectors wanted to kill us all just because they wanted. They even wanted to turn us to puppets and god knows what more."
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The girl lowered the head and replied in a low voice:" I know they were wrong, but my security was in their hands and we are in an other world, I wanted to say something to stop then, but if they turned against me, nobody would know how I died. My grandpa and father warned me multiple times, so I had to hear what they said, if I were not obligated to come here, I wouldn't come, but my grandpa and father couldn't stop my family."

Sara replied:" Look, he has now no reason to do anything to you, since you said the truth and that you didn't wanted that they act like that. So you can trust him, if you were in our situation, you would act in the same way. And you have me here, if he tries anything bad, I will protect you."

Then the girl calm and felt looked at Haytam in the eyes and as she saw no hostility, she felt more relaxed. Then she said:" Ok, I will tell you everything."

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    《The All You Want System》