The All You Want System
83 Chapter 83
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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83 Chapter 83

For a moment the office was completely silent, the girl sat down and calmed herself. Then she took a deep breath and began to say:" At first my name is Sophia Crimson from the noble clan Crimson. I am the first princess of the Crimson clan and the heir of the Clan. "

Then she stopped and continued

" For you to understand what the Crimson clan is and why I was sent here, I will tell you some background facts. At first I am from the Isoria planet in the upper world, it is almost ten times bigger, than this planet here. The Isoria planet has a lot of continents, but only two are settled by humans, the others are settled by other races or are only empty. The continent I came from is the Crimson continent."

Then she did a pause again, Sara and Haytam were hearing with attention.

" As you heard, the continent has the same name as my clan, and it's because my ancestors were the ones who governed a lot of time ago the whole continent. These days we are only one of the three strongest clan in the Crimson continent, the other two are pressing us to give up the third place.

And to get rid of me they did a coalition and bribed some of the highest clan members to send me away for a recollection mission. My grandpa and father knew it, but they had too much pressure and at he end they had to give up and send me to this place. To protect me, my grandpa and my father gave a necklace for my protection, it was the same that protected from you. The protectors that were with for the recollection mission to protect me, were my servants, except brother Ben and the puppet youth. These two were from the others clan and were to here to 'help' me in my mission, but I doubted them the whole time, because in some way the brain washed all my servants and protectors and all of them began to keep more distance from me."

At this point she had already tears in the eyes. It was clear that she knew what would have happend if they continued together.

" I knew that they wanted to betray me at some point of the journey, even my maid that followed me since I was three years old and were like a big sister for me, looked at me with strange eyes every time. But they didn't deserved to be killed like that, I am sure that Ben and the other did to them something strange and bewitched them."

Sara who sat at her side, hugged her tightly and said:" Don't worry Sophia, at your age you suffered enough and it wasn't your faul, look at it like a lucky day for you.Whatever you say, Haytam saved your life, even if he didn't do it intentionally. I know it's hard, but we will help you."

Then she looked at Haytam and asked with a weird look:" Am I right, big brother?" Even if it was a question, it sounded more like a order with.

Haytam was know touched too by Sophia's history, for so a big family to fall down so hard and that the own family being bribed by outsiders to get rid from the own heir. And with the pressure from Sara was he now obligated to help her, didn't matter what and how.

So he said:" Ok, I will help you, but now you can stay here. If I go to your planet in the future, I will help your clan or the rest of the real clan, because as you said there some rotten roots. " Then he thought for a moment and said:" Sara, as I saw you like her very much. So she will live with you from now on and you are in charge about all her needs. And you will use your own money."

Sara was shocked for a moment, then she shouted:" Big brother!! Please not, I need every cent from my money, I can't afford to have a second person to feed." She looked now very miserable and poor, but it had a reason.

Haytam who saw her reaction, was laughing internally. He knew that she was a impulsive shopper and she spent a lot of money in useless things, so for avenge he let her to care about Sophia. Then he said:" It's an order."
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Sara could only quite up.

Then both heard a laughing coming from Sophia, she found their conversation very funny and more the reaction of Sara.

" Big sister, thank you about caring about me." She said it with a big smile in her face and didn't looked like before: sad.

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    《The All You Want System》