The All You Want System
84 Chapter 84
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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84 Chapter 84

A few days later in the city center

Haytam and Alice were walking in the streets of their city and they were amusing their selves. Both looked very happy and both had a big smile in their faces, they were talking too.

Alice wanted today to go out with Haytam to spend time with him, she wanted absolutely to go to the city center, Haytam didn't knew why, but he loved to be with her so he went with her.

Then suddenly she said:" Haytam close your eyes, I have a surprise for you. AND don't use your spiritual sense to see around you, I warn you that you will regret it if you see it before."

Haytam was surprised by the suddenly wish from his wife, he didn't expected anything from his wife and he didn't knew any place in this place to have an idea, he replied:" Ok, but you will walk me around, if I shouldn't use my senses anymore."

Alice replied:" Of course, now close your eyes."

Haytam closed his eyes and Alice took his hand and began to walk with him to an unknown place, Haytam followed her and because he turned his senses off, he felt a little nervous and was a kind off insecure. He was feeling something that something strange was happening around him, because his instinct told him the whole time to run away, but he wanted to trust Alice so he didn't did anything.

Then he heard the voice of Alice again and she said:" Haytam, sit here. Your surprise is coming soon, but don't dare to open your eyes."

Haytam ignored his instinct and said:" My wife, tell me what the surprise is, I can't wait anymore."

Alice replied:" Darling, this is the first time that I prepared a surprise for you since we married, please hold on for a moment more."

Haytam sighed and said:" Ok, but quicker please."

Alice replied:" Yes, don't worry."

Then Haytam waited for at least a quarter hour more, but the surprise was still isn't here. But then he heard Alice voice again:" Ok, the surprise is here. But don't open you eyes until I tell you."

Haytam replied:" Ok, but I don't understand what is so important to wait for it for so long, I wou...Agh ....wha...t"

Haytam felt how his heart was being stabbed by a cold metal thing, he was shocked by the suddenly attack, so he couldn't react at time. of course he opened his eyes to see what happend, but what he saw was, his wife, a few of the orphans he collected and a few members of his family. He couldn't believe that they all were standing in front of him and seeing how he was bleeding, but what he was shocked the most was, that Alice looked so different and evil and he couldn't even recognize her.
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Of course he wanted to use his QI to heal him rapidly, but he realized that his QI was gone and he couldn't use any of it. It was like he never had a single QI energy in his body before, even his immortal body was gone. He raised his head and wanted to ask what was happening:" Alice, what did you did to me? Why can't I use my power, TELL ME!"

Alice replied with a cold voice:" The knife in your heart annulled all your cultivation, to be honest it was very difficult to forge this sword. But thanks to the library in the pearl and a few Immortal Ascension realm cultivators and one year planning, we could complete it and use it in you."

Haytam understood what happend to him, but he still shouted:" But WHY? I gave you everything you wanted, why did you betray me?"

Alice replied:" My answer will be short: You don't have any ambition, you had the power to conquest all the worlds and be the governor, but you wanted only to build a safe home and to travel. i wanted more, so I had to decide between you and to be a great empress of all worlds, so I decide to sacrifice you. i have to think the people behind me that helped me, they helped me to plan all this. Don't worry, my father, your parents and the others will think that you are in a spontaneous trip."

Then she stopped and continued:" You will die soon, then you have a mortal body. It's even incredible, that you still alive."

Haytams condition was very bad, he was bleeding from all his holes and he lost his senses a long time ago, he couldn't even hear was Alice said. But the only thing he was thinking was that he didn't wanted to die. He didn't wanted to die again and in this way, he already died once and he didn't wanted again. He called the system the whole time, it was the only thing he could do at this moment. But the system wasn't there, the system didn't replied or said anything.

The last thing he thought before he lost unconsciousness and his last breath was:" If I survive this time, I will come back and eradicate you from the face of the existence and I will burn your souls for the eternity."

" I should have spent more time with my family" of course he meant his parents and even Jacob, because he had nothing to do with this, it was his daughter not he who killed him.


Hello everyone,

here is the author. This is the officially beginning of volume 2, the chapters before in the volume 2 were to explain how everything changed three years after and why Alice needed to betray him for the power and the knowledge he has. I hope you enjoy reading my novel. Thank you.


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    《The All You Want System》