The All You Want System
85 Chapter 85
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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85 Chapter 85

Part 2

Haytam recovered his awareness after a long time, he felt lame and couldn't move any part of his body, like if he hadn't a corpse. The only think he could do was thinking, he tried to move his hand, to open his eyes and to move generally, but it was for nothing.
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After a time he stopped to try the impossible and began to think about how everything began. He thought that he knew everything about what happens in his city and how the personality of everyone was, but the closest person in his life was the one who betrayed him. he couldn't understand how, then he felt that everything was ok with her and that her love for him was true. But now suddenly she killed him so easy and he was even surprised.

Haytam thought about the last year, then he heard from her that everything changed last year.

He thought and thought, but he could only remember a small conversation with her, that was about this issue. He remembered how she asked him about conquering other worlds, she asked him if he had bigger plans for the future and that he had the power to do it. He remembered that his respond was:" I don't matter about conquering other worlds, I don't need it."

He remembered that she tried to change his opinion, but he replied with:" Alice!! Stop. I said I don't want it, so stop trying to change my decision. I f you want it, than do it with your own power, but I will not do it." After this matter, she stopped talking to him for more than a week and he didn't saw her in this week until she came back and apologize for being so idiotic about something he didn't wanted to do.

Then he thought:" Maybe was this point where she decide to made this plan, but why? She wasn't like this in the beginning, did something changed and I don't know it? But did she took my words seriously and planed all this to conquer the worlds with her own power, this isn't possible, or?"

Then he began to remember all their time together, how she treated him and the last heart to heart conversation in his office. He was amazed about her acting skills, she looked so honest and sad as she said, that she would let him go if he return later, as he remembered the part who they hugged each other so tightly, he felt anger in his heart and began to have crazy thoughts about her. then he thought:" You let me go, so as I promised I will return to you, but this time I will let you go. But to a special place, I will let you go to the Hell." At this point the anger reached the top and he wanted to go mad.

Haytam stopped thinking about this, because he felt like an eternity passing here and he thought that he will became crazy if he continued thinking about Alice. He truly loved her, so as more about he thought about her as more he wanted to know the exact reason and what their love meant to her all this time.

The time passed and passed and nothing happend, it was like he were in the nothing and only his soul existed there and the time didn't exist in this place. He was sure now that he hadn't a physical

body and he had only his soul left. He thought about how he was in the top of the cultivation and now he was left with nothing, even the system seems to be gone.

He tried a few times to call the system, but nothing. It was gone in the moment he most need it, but he didn't lose his last hope about the return of the system, then the system promised him to stay with him for the eternity.

Haytam was in this space since a ling time now and nothing happend, he felt like thousands of years had passed already and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, but it seems that he would stay here for ever.

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    《The All You Want System》