The All You Want System
86 Chapter 86
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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86 Chapter 86

Haytam was since a long time ago alone in this space and he lost all the hopes he had at the beginning. The only think he could think about was:" I will stay here for ever."

But suddenly a sound appeared from the nothing, it was a familiar voice that Haytam knew since he came to the cultivation world.

"System reactivated, processing data: 1%...."

Haytam heard the voice and the hope came again he directly said:" System are you there? You are back." He even began to "cry", of course not really crying, the he hadn't a body to produce tears.

The system replied:" Yes master, I am back. Sorry for being unable to help you, but it was the only way to save you."

Haytam asked:" What do you mean? Explain me in detail."

The system replied:" Yes Master, in the moment the knife went through your heart, I could only save your soul, because your body wasn't able to take QI. And for it I needed to bring you to the void where I was created and where you travelled from the earth to the cultivation universe. But as we reached the void I used a lot of my power to combat with the law of universe, because what I did was forbidden and I should have been destroyed a long time ago, but with the upgrade I got in the cave of the Alchemy God,,I was able to resist this."

Haytam replied:" Thank you, I knew that I wouldn't have been still alive now without any help and it was you who helped me."

Then he remembered something and asked:" How much time passed since I came here? I felt like it was an eternity."

Haytam asked, because he had to revenge his body and if Alice was dead then it would be bad. He hoped that the eternity he felt wasn't an eternity for the others.

The system replied with a mysterious answer:" Master, in this place the time doesn't exist. From this place you can move to the past, present and future, but only if you were present in this timeline. So you can travel to the past, but only if you were in the present or you know exactly which timeline you want to go, or you have to stay here for ever."
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Haytam heard the explanation of the system, but was very confused. It was like the system didn't spoke his language, whatever he asked:" Do you mean I can go back to the cultivation world in the time I want? What with the earth? I know exactly everything about the earth, can I go back?"

The system took a time until it said something:" Yes master, you can go back t earth. But if you go back there, you can never again come back to the cultivation world."

Haytam again confused asked:" What do you mean? What is the problem?"

The system replied:" You know that the earth is a planet, who is completely isolated from other universes and dimensions. If you go back, you will lose all your connections with the other places and you won't be able to return or go to other places. The only way to go to the earth and return to the cultivation world is to be strong enough to change the laws of the universe, but this is only possible when you reach the maximum of the cultivation."

Haytam heard seriously the system and didn't knew what to do, go back to the earth and live peacefully or return to the cultivation world where the people, that you trust, can betray you in your weakest moment. Haytam wanted vengeance and wanted to took everything away from the people that took his body from him, but in the same moment the beautiful memories from earth came back and the faces of his family members on earth.

But suddenly he saw in front of him the face of Alicia and the anger controlled him, so he said:" System I want to go back to the cultivation world, but 10 years after. I want to let her to enjoy this time governing, than I will take everything away from her. "

The system replied:" Yes, master."

Haytam said then silently:" Wait for me Alicia, I am coming."

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    《The All You Want System》