The All You Want System
87 Chapter 87
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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87 Chapter 87

The time to go back had came and Haytam was excited, he didn't knew what happend in the time he was gone, but he couldn't wait to see it. Then he said to the system:" Let's go!"

Then Haytams soul disappeared from the void and it was calm again.

Haytam felt how he was sucked in some black hole and he saw there a lot of weird images and colors, but his excitement blinded everything and he was thinking only about his comeback. And soon he saw after an eternity the sunlight again, he wanted to cry of happiness, but he still hadn't a body. To feel his excitement you must have to live it.

The system said then:" Master, your body will be build as soon we reach the Dragon Continent and it will be the same as before, but this time your body will be indestructible. That means even the strongest weapon can't stab you or harm you in anyway."

Haytam said then:" Thank you and please change my appearance, they shouldn't recognize me, until I want it."

The system replied:" Ok, master. You will get an average look and nobody will recognize you, even your QI mark will change."
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Then Haytam felt that he began to feel his body growing again from his soul and slowly he began to feel his arms, than his legs, than the tongue. It felt very comfortable to get a new body, when you were an eternity in the void without a body.

As his body was reconstructed again, Haytam immediately shout:" FINALLY I AM BACK"

then he looked the new body he got and he was again an Asian boy with small and weak appearance, he looks completely different. Even if he still looked awesome, he hadn't the green and orange color hair and eyes, his body was much smaller and weaker and he looked very fragile for a man. Haytam asked:" System, are you sure I have the same power as before and I am indestructible? To be honest I see no difference from a normal farm boy."

The system replied:" Of course, nobody will recognize you and your power is twice than before, because the wood and Fire Qi evolved to life and death QI and your realm is half step to real immortality. In a normal situation, you should be in the upper cultivation dimension, but I am the one who let you still here. "

Haytam understood and said:" Ok, perfect."

Then Haytam looked around and he was again in a forest, he scanned the forest and found a group of youth people, who seemed to be from a school, because they all had similar uniforms. These people were circa 2000 km, but for Haytam was like taking a little step and soon he was invtheir near. Then he said to the system:" Please change my clothes to broken ones and make my appearance to something from a homeless."

Immediately he looked like a homeless young man, that needs help and that was what Haytam wanted, he went closer and began to yell:" Help, Help, is someone here. Help, I am lost."

In the near the group of young people heard Haytams yells and ran to him, as they saw a little boy that seems so inoffensiv and weak, they rapidly went to help him.

Rudolf, one of the said at first:" Little boy, what are you doing here. Where are your parents?"

Haytam crying said:" Thanks god I found someone. I went to hunt, but I got lost and then a lot of animals wanted to eat and I was running away since two days."

Rudolf hearing the story asked:" Why should a little boy like you go hunting?"

Haytam got more sad and his crying was much sad after the question:" Sir, I am an orphan and I live in the mountains to survive. So, I have to search for my own food. Without the escaping techniques that my father gave me before dying, I could have died already."

Rudolf and the others looked each other and felt sad for him, so an another guy said:" Ok, don't worry. We will help you to go out and find a place for you to stay. Say, what is you name?"

Haytam replied still sad:" Lin, Lin Cage.."

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    《The All You Want System》