The All You Want System
88 Chapter 88
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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88 Chapter 88

Haytam changed his name to Lin Cage, it was a spontaneous name and hadn't a meaning or something, but he liked how it sounds. Haytam was a very good actor and only someone in his realm would be able to difference his lies from the truth, but in this place and dimension he was the only one in this realm and nobody is able to see through him.

Rudolf said then friendly:" Lin, my name is Rudolf. These people are..." Rudolf wanted to present the others, but he was stopped by a girl.

The girl said:" I am Sally, nice to meet you little boy."
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Rudolf was irritate, that he was stopped by someone, but as he saw that it was Sally he ignored his irritation and said:" Yes, she is Sally, the star from our academy. I think it's better if everyone presents itself."

A tall young man was the next to present himself:" Hello, I am Maurice." he didn't spoke too much and looked serious the whole time.

Then the last one was a young man that wear all black, he presents himself as:" I am Tom" He seemed to be a person with small words and he looked more seriously than Maurice, at least Maurice looked friendly, but Tom not.

Haytam bent down to thank them properly and said:" Thank you for helping me, once I exit this place I will go immediately. Thank you again."

All four looked at Haytam and thought how polite the boy was, Sally was even touched by him and said:" Little boy, of course we will help you. You don't have to bent down." Then she helped him to stood normally up.

Haytam said:" Thank you sister Sally."

Then Rudolf said:" We have to continue or the beast will find us. Lin you are lucky that we ended our mission and we were at our way back to the city."

Then they all began to walk to the exit of the forest and they talked about a lot of things, mostly about Lin and how his life was isolated from everything. Sally was the one who asked the most of the question and her curiosity was almost endless. Of course he had the answer for every question and every one sounds real and satisfied the curiosity of all of them.

Then it was the turn of Haytam to ask a few questions, the first one was:" How does the outer world look like and how do the people live."

The one who replied was surprisingly Maurice :" Since 10 years we have a very satisfying live as the strongest planet in the universe, even the former upper worlds are now only vassals of our planet. I think you don't know that, but 10 years before the strongest man ever built our capital and brought his disciples to have a peaceful life there, but he was attacked by the most powerful cultivators of the upper worlds and he sacrificed his life to let his disciples and his wife to revenge him and to conquest every world. His name was Haytam Ranger and thanks to him we live peacefully and have enough power to govern about all the others. Since his dead his wife, did everything to revenge him and she succeed by killing all the cultivators that trapped him. She is also the empress and the most powerful cultivator now."

Maurice told the story as like it was the most important thing in the world, Haytam even saw his fanaticism to this story and to Haytam Ranger.

Haytam was shocked, he didn't expected that he turned to the hero of the story and because of him the conquest began. The most schocking thing was that they all believed the story and about how he was killed by others.

He thought:" Alice, you are really incredible. You killed me and used me after my 'death' to take 'revenge' for me and in your way to 'revenge' me you fulfilled your ambition. Even the devil wouldn't plan like you."

But in the surface Haytam showed a surprised expression, like if he heard something incredible. Then he said:" Big brother, Haytam Ranger should have been very strong to have such disciples and wife, that could conquest the whole universe."

Maurice replied:" Of course, if he wasn't put in a trap he would be now in the pinnacle of cultivation. My dream is to became as strong as he."

Haytam look at Maurice and felt a little proud from itself and he even wanted to say that he is Haytam, but it wasn't the correct time.

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    《The All You Want System》