The All You Want System
89 Chapter 89
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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89 Chapter 89

Three days passed and Haytam and the others finally reached Bay City. Haytam remembered that 13 years before he landed in that forest too and as he came back he landed again there. Haytam didn't knew if that was destiny or an aleatory place, that the system choose, but it was good to remember the old time as he came here as Xiantian realm cultivator for the first time.

As Haytam saw Bay City again, he didn't recognized the city. Everything changed, he saw the city and the first thing he saw was that the city walls were gone. The City Walls that protected the city before were now gone, but that made only the city more majestic than before, then a city without wall means a city that is powerful enough to protect itself without a wall.

But the most shocking were the buildings, they were gigantic and he never saw something like this. He compared the largest building on earth and the buildings here and it was doppel as the one on earth, but what he saw directly was the building where he lived before and it was the smallest skyscraper in the city and the most neglected in the city. The others saw full of life and beautiful, and his building looks dead and old.

Whatever, Haytam knew that the development here went much faster and with the help of so many Immortal Ascension realm cultivators, they would have all the materials and workers as they wanted. Haytam could imagine, that everything changed.

Rudolf said:" Lin, look this is the great capital of this universe, The Imperial Sword City. I know it sounds weird, but 13 years before this city was a little town, that nobody knew. Let's go I will introduce you the city."

Haytam replied:" Big brother, I don't want to waste your time. You have done so much for me."

Rudolf replied:" Don't worry, I was like you too and our sect leader helped me and I became his disciple. Our sect leader said:" If you have the power to help, than help and don't mind about anything."

Haytam heard the words of Rudolf's master and he thought that this man was respectable. Then he said:" Your master is a very good person. I respect him."

Rudolf replied:" Of course, I and the other sect disciples were all orphans or boys and girls with problems and he came and took us as disciples."

As he said that, the others and him agreed together and Sally said:" Yes our master is the best and the strongest."

But as she said that at the end, the others looked a little sad, but Haytam didn't want to ask why.

Then Sally said again:" Lin, look we are now in the city. We are going now to our sect and this is in one of the tallest buildings here. Can you see the serpent form building in front of us?"

Haytam replied:" Yes, I do"

Sally said:" Our building is the next one on the right."

Haytam searched the building, but he didn't saw any building directly right next to the serpent form building. Then he said:" Sister Sally, I don't see any building there."

Sally replied:" Look a little down."

Haytam lowered his vision and what he saw was his building, the first skyscraper in this city. He didn't expected such coincidence, he expected a new skyscraper, but not his building who saw abandoned.

Haytam asked:" I thought this building was abandoned and nobody would live there."
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This time Maurice replied and his fan-mode began to speak:" This building was the house of our hero and my master as his disciple didn't wanted to abandon this place. If it wasn't for our master, this building would have been history."

As Haytam heard that his master was his disciple, he thought for a moment and he didn't remember that he had a disciple, but he couldn't reply, that he never had a disciple. He could only reply with admiration:" Wow, your master is really conservative, but why didn't the empress conserve it, if it was so important."

Maurice replied:" We don't know, but she acts very strange with our master. Everyone knows that our master is the only disciple of the hero, that still try to find the hero, because we don't believe the fact of his death. Our sect exist to prove that the hero still live, because according to our master the hero had so much power, that he could have an own world in his hand."

Haytam didn't knew if he should laugh or cry, then to meet the disciples of a sect, that adores him is more than luck. Whatever he didn't planned to say anything about who he is, even if they were on his side.

He already lost his body once, a second time wasn't in his plans.

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    《The All You Want System》