The All You Want System
90 Chapter 90
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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90 Chapter 90

Soon all of them reached Haytams building or former Haytams building and in the entrance was a big signboard. In the signboard was the name of the sect: The Hope Sect. Haytam turned to Sally and asked:" Sister, why does the sect has this name? It doesn't sound very strong."

Sally smiled and replied:" The sect name is a signal, that one day the hero will return and that with hope everything is possible. Our master said, that even if the name doesn't sound powerful, but is the meaning of our existence."

The others agreed to Sally and nodded together. Then they all entered the building and it was surprisingly still very new and groomed, the contrary of the outside. The saw the expression of Haytam and Rudolf said:" Lin, we are a small sect, but we are powerful and we have money, it's only that our master didn't wanted to do the same as the others sects here."

Haytam nodded with agreement and didn't replied, if the sect master was one of the orphans he adopted a decade ago, than it's comprehensible.

Whatever as they entered all the people on the ground floor stopped and lowered their heads and said:" Welcome back young masters!" Haytam was surprised again, he didn't expected that this little cultivators were so much respected here, even if he knew that their master was the sect leader.
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Then Tom said:" How many times should I say that we are all the same in this place, we are disciples of the same sect. You don't have to lower your head in our presence."

The next shock for Haytam came directly as Tom spoke, the young man who didn't said anything in the time he was with them and the one who looked the most arrogant said that. Haytam couldn't understood this young people anymore, he looked around searching for explanation and of course Sally was the one who noticed his expression.

Sally came to his side and said very silently:" I feel you. As I became his sister disciple, he shocked in the same way. Even if he has the most arrogant expression, he is the contrary and he is very kind. It's only, that...." Sally was suddenly stopped by Tom as he looked at her with very cold eyes. Then she said:" It seems like I can't continue telling you about him, he is very shy." Then she laughed and the others laughed with her too.

Then Rudolf said:" Lin, this is our junior Fatty. He will register you and take you to your room, but only if you want to join our sect. I can't force you to anything."

Haytam saw Fatty and greeted him, he didn't looked fat or anything, he was even skinny. But He looked kind and Haytam liked him from the first look. Whatever he didn't knew how to respond, because he wasn't sure of what to do at this point. So he replied:" Big brother, can you give me some time? I lost my father and my master at the same time, and I don't know what to do. I will tell you in the evening, I am very sorry."

Rudolf looked suddenly serious and said:" I know what you mean. Ok, you have till the evening to decide and then you can tell Fatty your decision. "

Haytam replied:" Big brother, I am really thankful." His expression was very grateful and honest, nobody could say that it was fake.

Haytam left the sect right after he entered it, but it was because only the official disciples are able to stay here and no foreigner. Haytam went to a restaurant in the near, because he missed food and he wanted the best food. In the street he asked a passant :" Excuse me, where can I find the best restaurant here?"

The man he asked replied:" The best restaurant here is in the next corner right, but honestly I don't think you can afford it. Only the magnates and the strong cultivators can eat there."

Haytam replied:" Thanks anyway."

Haytam walked in the direction of the restaurant and thought:" I have two possibilities now. The first one is to kill, every man that helped to kill me, secretly and slowly until they fear and make them desperat. Or make openly trouble for them and make everything until they plan against me and then finish them. This decision is really difficult, I think after a good meal I will be able to decide."

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    《The All You Want System》