The All You Want System
91 Chapter 91
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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91 Chapter 91

Haytam entered the restaurant, it was big and luxurious in every corner. Haytam thought at first he entered a palace instead of a restaurant. Haytam looked around and went to the service point to ask for a place to sit and eat.

He went there and said:" I want the best room and the best food here."

The woman there saw him and said arrogantly:" Heh. Little boy, go away. This isn't the right place for causing trouble." Then she used her hands to sign to go away.

Haytam didn't felt offended, but he said:" Why is it the same every time? Why do I have to show my strength before I get what I want?

The woman heard him and said:" Are you dumb or what? What power does a twelve years old boy have?"

Haytam didn't replied, but he said to himself:" It was a long time since I killed someone, which way should I use? Burning to death or drown her in water? I think I never drown somebody to death, let's try?"

The woman became scary as she heard Haytams monolog, because the aura around Haytam became chill and cold:" What are you saying, please if you need a room I will get you the best one."

Haytam replied smiling:" Sorry, it's too late. You are already dead for me." Then a water ball appeared around the woman and she became to freeze inside the water ball, but the water was still liquid even if she was clearly frozen inside the ball. This shown the control of elements that Haytam had and how he could control the water temperature so good.

Whatever, the other guests saw how the ball appeared and how the woman died, but nobody knew how. The only thing they saw was that she stood there and in the next moment she was converted in to ice. Haytam, the main cause wasn't there anymore and nobody noticed him, he covered himself with QI and then nobody was able to see him or to notice him.

All the people were alarmed and didn't knew how she died, even if the most of them were strong cultivators and popular people.

Haytam, the main cause went out, because he wasn't in the mood to see the spectacle he began in the restaurant, and went to the next restaurant. This was a bug restaurant too and Haytam thought that this was maybe the number two in the city, because of the location.

As he entered this time, he saw that it was more peaceful in this restaurant and the workers were better too and gave him a room quickly and everything he ordered.

Haytam ate and ate and ate until the a servant came and said:" Dear client, we are sorry, but we can't serve you anything more."

Haytam was already fed up, but he wanted to eat more:" Why, do you think I can't pay for it?"

The servant replied quickly with nervousness:" No, but you ate all the ingredients we have and there is nothing more to serve." The servant knew that a normal person wouldn't be able to eat the same as 200 persons, so he knew that this client was someone special he couldn't offend.

Haytam looked around him and saw all the mountains of plates he ate, then he realized how much he ate.

Haytam sighed and asked:" Ok, how much?"

The servant took a piece of paper and said:" Dear client, in total it's 5,156,127 gold coins."

Haytam look surprised:" So much? Ahh, this is a luxury restaurant!! Sorry for my manners"

Then he took from the system 5,200,000 gold coins and gave it to the servant and said:" The rest is yours." then he stood and walked out.
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The servant was still shocked, this little boy brought the same amount of sales as 200 clients in two days, he thought:" The life is really unfair, so young and so rich." And of course he was a bit jealousy from Haytam, but this was life and then he went to the owner to give up the money.

Haytam was already out and thought about how it was to kill the woman to secretly and making the people so nervous, because they didn't knew how and why the woman died. Somehow made this Haytam a good feeling:" Ok, decided. I will kill them all secretly and slowly, until they regret what they did and beg for forgiveness. I need a name, but what?"

Haytam thought and thought, then finally: " SEVEN"

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    《The All You Want System》