The All You Want System
92 Chapter 92
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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92 Chapter 92

The name SEVEN was an acronym he thought to use when he kill his enemies, then he could not go around and say, that he is Haytam Ranger. If the people who planned against him knew it, than they would run away from his anger.

Haytam thought for a moment and said to himself:" Let's rent an apartment in the near of the city center. I need a place to stay in the time I plan and kill those bastards."
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Haytam walked in the city and saw suddenly an office of renting and buying houses and apartments.

Like every other office and store in the city center, this office looked luxury and expensive, but this doesn't matter in his case, he could spend as much as he want, because he has the ultimative cheat.

Haytam went there and like every time he was treated like a poor little kid and they wanted to through him out, but of course Haytam used a bit of QI and a bit of cruelty and everything was ok.

These situation became normal for Haytam somehow, every time he want to enter a place or buy something, he will be treated like a poor person or a weak person or something else. Haytam began to treat them in the same way.

Whatever he rent an apartment very quickly in the city center and it was in the second largest and tallest building in Imperial Sword City. The largest one was the palace of the royal family and where the ministers and officers worked. Of course the royal family lived in the highest floors and the ministers and officers worked only in the first floors.

Haytam was in his new apartment and felt sad, he never was as alone as now and he felt lonely too. He thought:" I. strong and powerful, but what brings all this to me. Even my wife and friends betrayed me, how should I trust other in the future?"

As he finished thinking about his life, he wasn't more in the mood to do anything. Also he went to sleep for the first time since lingo ago.

The next morning

Haytam stood up, he felt fresh again and he went to shower. After the shower he ate breakfast and went to the office.

The first thing he had to do is to remember who betrayed him to plan. He took a peace of paper and a pen:" Now, I know which persons betrayed me, but only the ones that were in the moment as they killed me. I think I need the help of the system again. I hope they are all alive, because I want to cut their heads... Stop!!! What happened with my sword, the best sword ever existed."

Haytam suddenly remember the sword he forged 13 years ago and in the same moment he remembered the devine beast he had.

" System, what happend to my sword and beasts? Where are they all?"

The system replied:" As you know they were fused in your body. In the moment you died, Alice used a technique to extract them from your body and to fusion them in yours, this is also the reason why she became the new empress. She was the strongest with the sword and the beasts. From my analysis they lost their will after she fused them in her body and they became only tools without life."

Haytam become mad again and said while his face become very angry:" Alice, you are really good, I didn't expect that from you. Even the beasts, who were very friendly with you, weren't able to escape your evilness."

System give me the list with all the names of all the persons that betrayed me or did something bad to my family."

The system replied:" Ok master, but it will take a few moments."

Haytam replied:" Take your time, but give me the information in detail. All these people will wish to die, before they meet me again."

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    《The All You Want System》