The All You Want System
93 Chapter 93
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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93 Chapter 93

Haytam didn't wanted to waste time waiting for the system, so he decided to go to the Hope Sect to say to to Rudolf that he wouldn't join them. He changed before his clothes and went there. At the same time he didn't wanted to go there, because he didn't wanted to explain the reason he wouldn't join them. But then he thought:" I will not give them the chance to ask anything."

Soon he arrived in the entrance of the Hope Sect and he asked a disciple, who stood there:" Excuse me, where can I find Fatty?"

The disciple replied kindly:" I am waiting for Fatty too, he will be back soon."

Haytam nodded and stood there too waiting for Fatty. He waited and waited, but Fatty didn't came. Then suddenly came Fatty running with a red face and sweat in his head front.

Fatty said then:" Brother I am sorry for the delay. " Then he saw Haytam there too and said to him:" Lin, you are here too, I thought you wouldn't come anymore."

Haytam smiled and said:" I am here to tell you my decision and this is that I wouldn't join your sect. Tell brother that I am sorry. Bye"

Then Haytam didn't even waited for the reply of Fatty and left directly the sect.

Back to Fatty. He was astonished that a poor kid would recline the invitation to join them, he wanted to say something, but Haytam didn't gave him the chance. Even the disciple was kind surprised and asked:" Was this kid invited personally by Big Brother Rudolf and he decline it? Does he know who he Rudolf is?"

Fatty said:" I don't know, but this was his only opportunity to join our sect as high ranked disciple. Let's forget about this and let's go. Today you will incorporate as a part of the inner circle of the sect. We can't waste time."

The other disciple nodded and followed Fatty to the high floors of the sect where the inner sect was.

Haytam was again outside and went to a store to buy some materials for his plan, he went to a drugstore in the near and bought everything he wanted. The only thing he was surprised was that the drugstore was as modern as on earth and he found everything he wanted. After the shopping he went to the main street to see how the ambient was. But what he found was a high class street, that only rich people could afford to go there.

Haytam liked how the everything was, but then he saw the expression of the people walking in this street and his anger came again. He thought:" Since I came to this place I had only bad feelings, what about the city I built for all the people. As I was here, the citizen were like brothers and sisters working together for a better place to live in the future. But I don't recognize anyone here, all this people look strangers and with high status." As more he walked through the streets as more angrier he became, this wasn't the city of equality he left, this was now a city for persons with power. Then he said silently:" Alice, you really changed and you changed with you the people here too."

As he decided to return to his apartment after he saw how corrupt the city was now and because his mood was bad again, a man came to Haytam and hold him from the shoulder:" Little kid, where are your parents? Don't you know that a place like this is dangerous?"

Haytam saw the middle age man and replied:" I don't have parents, what do you want from me?"

The smile of the middle aged man turned sinister and said:" Oh, I am sorry. Come with me, I can help you to find someone that cares about you."
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Haytam found this situation cringe, he looked around and he was now in a little side street from the main street without much people. He thought:" Does he want to kidnappe me in the daylight?"

Haytam asked:" Are you an idiot or what? Which person would follow a stranger, because you said you would take care of me? Where is the common sense?"

The middle aged man became angry as heard Haytam,a twelve years boy,

who treated him like an idiot from:"Little bastard, I will show you who is an idiot. Come here!"

The man used his big hands to catch Haytam, before he tried to slap him in the face with the right hand. But he wasn't lucky, then Haytam jumped away and he could only slap the air.

" You little monkey, wait till I catch you. You will wish to not have been born."

" If you can catch, then you can do what you want with."

The middle aged man ran to Haytam and Tried to catch him again, but Haytam jumped above him and stepped his head. The man fall to the ground and a break sound came, it was his nose that was broken from the fall. The man shout:" AHHH! My nose, what did you did? Wait only!"

Haytam laughed and said:" How funny is this. But you have to die now." then Haytam used a QI blade to cut his head.

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    《The All You Want System》