The All You Want System
94 Chapter 94
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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94 Chapter 94

After he killed the killer and having some fun, Haytam went to his apartment. At the same time the system said:" Master, I have the list."

Haytam replied:" Perfect, thank you!"

Haytam walked further to his apartment, that was in the near because it was an high class apartment in the city center. As he reached the skyscraper, where he lived, Haytam went to the lift and pressed the button. While he was waiting for the lift, a young woman and a little girl came to the lift too.

the woman saw Haytam with curiosity and asked:" Hello, can I ask if you are new here?"
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Haytam who was waiting for the lift and didn't gave any attention to the woman and was suddenly surprised, that she spoke with him, looked at her for the first time. What he saw was a beautiful young woman and a little girl with her, he then realized the question and replied:" hello, yes, I am new here."

The young woman replied with a smile:" Nice to meet you, from now on we are neighbors."

Haytam replied too politely:" Me too, I am Lin."

The young woman said:" I am Christina and this is my daughter Lily."

The little girl said then too:" Hello Lin, I am Lily. Do you want to play with me." The girl was young and she didn't thought about asking someone to play with her at the first time she saw him. But she was sweet and beautiful, like her mother.

Christina reacted fast as she heard what her daughter said:" Lily, he is for sure busy. Don't ask everyone to play with you."

Haytam saw the sweet little girl and replied:" Nice to meet you Lily, if I have time I will play with you, but now I am very occupied. I am sorry." He couldn't make the little girl feel sad, even if he was filled with anger. His anger wasn't the type that clouded his judgment , he knew exactly with whom he had to vent his anger and it wasn't with people he didn't knew.

The little girl replied:" Ok, but you have to play with me one day."

Haytam replied:" I promise you."

Christina who saw in the side how kind Haytam was, said:" Lin, thank you. Lily loves to play and if she likes someone she asks every time to play."

Haytam turned to Christina and said:" It's ok, she is still young. "

At this time they were already in the lift and Haytam already reached his floor and the lift stopped. Then he said:" This is my floor, maybe we see each other an other day."

Lily replied:" Bye Bye big brother."

Haytam only greet back and went to his apartment.

Once in the apartment, he went to the office and sat there and said:" System, give the details now."

The system then projected a virtual window in front of him, it was a typical system window.


Culprits of the assassination of Haytam Ranger:

- Alice Jones: former wife

- Peter ( no surname): orphan from the pearl)

- Carlos ( no surname): orphan from the pearl)

- Jessica ( no surname): orphan from the pearl)

- David Davidson: noble from former Bay City

- Layen Kriston: noble from former Bay City

- Tina ( no surname): Servant from Alice

- Nina ( no surname): Servant from David

- Christian Bobby: Soldier

- Donald Muller: Soldier


Haytam saw the table and was surprised that, it wasn't as much as he thought. He even thought that it was shameful for him to be killed only from these little bastards. Then he asked:" Where can I find them and what are thy doing now:"

The system replied:" Master, I have bad news for you."

Haytam felt that something wasn't good and asked rapidly:" What is wrong?"

The system replied:" Only Alice, Peter, Carlos and Jessica are still alive. The others were killed right after your assassination for not letting any evidence or witnesses."

Haytam sat in the chair for a few minutes processing this situation, then he said to himself:" This Alice is really implacable, she even killed the people who helped her. She let only the ones, that she couldn't kill. " Then he sighed and asked to the system:" Then tell me where they are?"

The system replied:" Alice is here in this city, but all the others are in other planets. As you know, Alice conquer all the planets and she can't be there to control them all. That is the reason why every orphan is in an another region of the universe and everyone is governing one region with a few planets. "

Haytam sighed and said:" It seems like I have to travel for this matter."

Then he asked the system:" One more thing, where can I find Sam?" Haytam asked this because Sam was his favorite kid and he wanted to know what he was doing.

The system replied:" Master, he is in this city and he is the sect leader of the Hope Sect."

As Haytam heard that Sam was the sect leader of the Hope Sect, he fall from the chair to the ground because the surprise.

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    《The All You Want System》