The All You Want System
95 Chapter 95
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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95 Chapter 95

Haytam was surprised, that Sam founded a sect to search him and a place where he was like a god. But somehow had he the feeling, that Sam could be the sect leader, since Rudolf and the other said, that the leader was one of the orphans he adopted. Then he said:" It seems like I have to go there again, only an hour ago I declined the invitation to be a disciple. Or I bring him here, I am not the strongest man in this dimension for nothing."

Haytam used then the innate ability of the Immortal Ascension cultivators to communicate and he looked for Sam with his spiritual sense and soon he found him in the Hope sect. Haytam said then through his spiritual sense:" Hey Sam."

Sam was in the highest floor of the sect, which was the forbidden floor too, and he was cultivating. Sam was in a round form room, in every wall of the room were a lot of runes and gems, all the room was shining with lights from the gems. This gems were spirit stones from different elements and this room was a formation to gather the QI from the outside and from the gems.

If somebody saw this room he would at first think:" It's a high grade QI gathering formation!"

Sam was cultivating as he heard a voice in his mind:" Hey Sam." Sam reacted directly and shout:" Who dares to invade my sect with spiritual sense. "

Haytam replied from his office and said:" You are now very rude, you changed a lot my friend."
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Sam angry replied:" Who is your friend? Come out, I will show you how I make friends."

Haytam laughed and said:" Hahaha, I am Haytam or you can't remember me anymore?"

In the room in the sect, suddenly a QI explosion occurred and the whole higher floor was destructed:" You dare to invade my sect and to say, that you are my master? I will show you who I am, come out?"

Haytam in the office was shocked about the overreaction from Sam, then he said:" Calm down little kid. I am really Haytam, who else has the power to communicate with you, without being spied by others and without you knowing where I am. And i would be thankful if you don't destruct other things and bringing attention to you."

Sam began to think, that maybe this was the real Haytam. He was called little kid and ´nobody called his so except Haytam. Then he said:" Are you really Haytam? Why are you hiding yourself and where have you been for 13 years."

Haytam replied:" It's a long story, I will tell you when I met you. Let's meet outside the city in two hours, come to the forbidden forest. I will find you there. See you."

Sam wanted to say something more, but Haytam cut the connection between them and he couldn't find the source. Sam could only believe in Haytams words, because nobody that he knew could do something similar without being detected. in the same time the disciples in the Hope Sect were all shocked and were a bit nervous, they thought that something happend to sect master.

The elders, workers and disciples were all now outside and were waiting for Sam, they all knew that something happend, but they didn't knew what. But then they saw Sam floating in the smoke of the explosion and then they all were relieved, because their master seems to be fine.

Then an elder flew to Sam and asked what happend:" Master, what happend? Are you hurt?"

Sam was very concentrated thinking about what happend right now and didn't even knew that he destroyed the higher floors of the sect. Only as the elder asked about what happend, then he looked around him and saw the smoke and the destroyed building under him. In this moment he realized what happend and replied:" I am fine, I was only disturbed by something and I didn't controlled my Qi. I am sorry, let the disciples know, that everything is good and tell someone to repair the building as soon as possible."

Then he made a thinking expression and said:" I have something to do, I will be back soon. "

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    《The All You Want System》