The All You Want System
96 Chapter 96
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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96 Chapter 96

Two hours later, Forbidden Forest.

Haytam was now in the Forbidden Forest and he looked for Sam and soon he found him. Sam was in the entrance of the forest and Haytam used a teleportation spell to bring him by his side. This was a common spell used to teleport objects from point A to point B, but Haytam was able to use it to teleport everything he could see to him or to an other place he could see or sense.
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Sam, who was waiting in the entrance of the forest since two hours, felt suddenly, that the QI around him was moving fast to him and then he felt a power, that made him lost every sense. As he could sense again, he was in an other location, it was still the forest, but the trees here were much larger and darker, than the ones he saw before. But the second thing he thought was that the person who could teleport him without problems, has more power than he could imagine, And the one who had more power he could imagine was only Haytam, the person who could produce miracles.

Haytam saw Sam, who was now in front of him, and thought that his appearance didn't changed , he looked now more like an adult, but his young appearance was still there. Then he smiled and said:" Sam, I am behind you."

Sam who was looking around him and searching for Haytam, heard the tender voice of a child, so he turned to the other side and saw a little twelve years old child. The child looked very weak and he wasn't sure, if he was the same person who brought him here. So he asked:" Are you Haytam?"

Haytam laughed and said:" Yes, I am. Why are you so stubborn to not believe me? Do you think I have the same body, after I was killed 13 years back?"

Sam was shocked as he hears, that Haytam was killed and then he said:" Also what Alice said about your death was true and I was so obstinate to not believe her. But how are you now still alive, if you were killed 13 years before."

Haytam turned seriously and said:" Yes, I was killed, but not like Alice said or I were not here and we would have meet in public. And did you think, that if I die, I wouldn't have a way to return?"

Sam got more shocked and surprised, but he hid it and asked:" What do you mean? What does Alice hide?"

Haytam replied:" It wasn't someone else who killed me, but Alice itself. If somebody else had have tried to kill me. then they would have been already with the king of hell. I lowered my defense with her and the she stabbed my heart with a dagger and used my death to conquer this dimension. I never thought, that she had such cold heart and such a big goal, like conquering this dimension. It's good, that she doesn't know, that there is even higher dimensions."

Sam now let the shock and surprise from his heart, but he was happy too, then his big brother and master at the same time was still alive, so he rushed to Haytams little body and hugged him:" Big brother, you are really alive. Sorry about not helping you in the most difficult times. I really didn't knew, that Alice was such a malicious woman and I even called her sister and helped her a lot."

Sam was very ashamed and called himself idiot and lament being so nice to her.

Haytam knew how he felt, so he said to trust him:" It's not your fault, you are a good man for helping her, because your intention was an other. If you helped her knowing what she did, I would have knew and I wouldn't have called you here. But the most important thing is, you have to tell me how my family is doing."

Sam replied:" Your family is alright and they have a good live full of luxury and money, they all are fine and happy. But that counts for your other relatives, your parents were very sad, because your dead and they even got depressed. This was the reason too for leaving the palace and building a house in little village, far away from the city. But they are fine too."

Haytam nodded and asked:" What about uncle Jacob, I heard that Alice has the control about everything."

Sams expression turned sad and replied:" Uncle Jacob died 5 years ago because an heart attack. I was the one who found him and he died in his workplace, because over working and not sleeping and eating for months. Alice was the one who convinced him to conquer all the world to seek revenge for you and he accepted, after she made more pressure to him."

Haytam then got angry and cursed Alice:" Even her own father was a sacrifice for her goal. To made him work so much, that he died is inhuman. But I will annihilate everything she built up."

Sam directly said with enthusiasm:" And I will help you."

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    《The All You Want System》