The All You Want System
97 Chapter 97
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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97 Chapter 97

Sam asked many times about where he was and how he revived, he asked so many questions, that Haytam didn't count them and he told him how he was in the void for and endless time and how he met Rudolf and the others. Of course he let the part of the system out, because nobody can know about it.

Haytam said at the end:" Sam, I am proud of you. You built and outstanding Sect and I met your disciples and they made a good impression. But I have one question."

Sam who had stars in his eyes, because of the story of Haytam and he could come back. He was truly fan of Haytam and his powers. But then he heard, that Haytam had a question and asked:" What do you want to know?"

Haytam frown with a serious expression and asked:" Why is your disciple Maurice so a fan of mine? The time I was with them, every time we spoke about me he was the first one to say something heroic about me, did you indoctrinate him to be a fan of mine?"

Sam heard the question and began to laugh till he had tears, then he replied:" Haha, that disciple of mine heard the stories about you from me, like every disciple in the sect and he took it seriously and he sworn to be like you. Every time the issue is about you, he will be the first to talk and to discuss. Hr even know you better than me."

Haytam replied with an "Aha!" and didn't wanted to speak about this matter anymore.

Then Sam asked:" With wich one do you want to begin? Peter, Carlos or Jessica? I don't have much contact with them, but I still know something."

Haytam replied with an assassin aura aura around them:" Let's begin with Peter, he is the first in my list. Tell me everything about him and what he does?"

Sam thought for a moment and replied:" If I am right, then Peter is Sector 11. He is the president there and he is the owner of an jewelry there too. He is married and has two little kids and his wife was the former princess of the empire of one of the planets there. I heard that he was corrupted and a lot of people hated him, but Alice didn't did anything against him. I tried to convince her to do something, but she rejected all my suggestion and said:" It's ok, he is the only one who can govern there."

Haytam knew from the system, that the worlds in this dimensions are divided in sectors. There is 23 Sectors and every sector has countless planets with countless civilizations. Alice found it correctly to let every orphan from the pearl govern a sector for 5 years and then to change places after 5 years. It was like on earth, but there were 23 candidates, that changes places to govern every 5 years and there were no other candidates.

Haytam smiled sinisterly and said:" Perfect, it seems like he has a lot to lose. Let's plan!"

Sam said:" Let's go!"

Haytam saw Sams enthusiastic face and said:" Sam, I am sorry, but I will do it alone. We can plan together, but I will be the one who will complete the plan. You are too famous to do anything, without attracting attention."

Sam was a little sad, but he understood the situation and he knew, that it was better in this way.

Haytam and Sam went back to the city, but in different ways. Haytam teleport directly to his room and Sam flew super fast back, but before they separate, Haytam said:" I will come to your sect and I will join as a disciple. Tell Rudolf to wait for me in the entrance and I want to see you again in the night."

Of course Sam nodded and agreed, it was the perfect way to meet with Haytam without making the people suspect. You have to know, that he was the second strongest cultivator of the city, if he met with a twelve years old boy without a reason, then all will suspect and have questions. Being a disciple will make everything easier for both and they can communicate better.

After Haytam arrived home again, he already had a plan. In some way he forgot how intelligent he was and how fast he could make a plan.
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In the same night, Haytam went to the sect and joined the sect. The most surprised was Rudolf as he heard from his master, that he took a new disciple and this one was Lin. He couldn't believe it, but at the end Sam told him a lie to convince him about why he took Lin as disciple and how he knew him.

At that night Sam and Haytam discussed the plan and made it perfect, they had their difference about little matters in the plan, but at the end everything went good.

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    《The All You Want System》