The All You Want System
98 Chapter 98
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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98 Chapter 98

The next morning Haytam woke up in the office of Sam, both felt asleep after being planning the whole night. Of course they doesn't needed to sleep, but it was like a luxury they could afford. For every cultivator in their realm was sleeping time wasting and only the ones who were strong enough and didn't needed to cultivate would sleep.

Sam woke up at the same time as Haytam and ordered a few servants to bring breakfast. Only quarter hour later the breakfast arrived and it was very complete. it has everything a person could imagine and more, there were dishes like roasted chicken with ginseng or bacon. Haytam and Sam ate until they were full and couldn't eat anymore.

Then Sam asked after the breakfast, while drinking tea:" Big brother, do you want to join the sect formally or only be a name disciple of mine without taking at any activity of the sect?"

Haytam looked at Sam and replied:" Are you serious? I am a person who gets very fast bored, if I begin doing the same as a normal disciple, then I would only create troubles and I would merely destroy things. It's better if I am only a name disciple and live normally. I hope you can control the media and don't let them get my information." Sam was very famous and a new disciple of him would mean, that the paparazzis will chase after him.

Haytam stood up after chatting for a few hours and prepared himself to go to Sector 11. The fortune to be alone was, that he could do what he want and when he want and nobody had nothing to say about it. He could travel and go everywhere without restriction. So he decided to begin the plan right now.

Sam said:" Big brother, take care of yourself and do not bring your life in danger. I hope you succeed, if not then destroy him completely. "

Haytam laughed and said:" Even if someone wants to harm me, they can't make anything against me. I am still the strongest man in this dimension and I have an indestructible body and soul."
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Sam didn't know how to reply, the one in front of him was indestructible and he knew that any danger was unable to harm him, but he was still worried.

Haytam said:" I see you in the evening, I want to eat fish and vegetables. And it should't be grassy."

He would go today to sector 11, but he would teleport there and he would return home in the evening to rest and eat. He wouldn't stay there for a long time, if he was able to travel there in less than a second.

Sam heard all the demands of Haytam and thought:" I know now how the servants feel when I order around the whole day. But for big brother I would do anything." Then he replied:" Ok!"

Then Haytam teleport to Sector and was then in a big city now. The city looked like an middle age city from Europe, but of course with modern technology everywhere and a lot of cars. Only the buildings looked from the middle age and the castle in the center of the city. The castle looked like from a fairy story from Disney.

Haytam observed that while the conquering, Alice and the others didn't changed everything, for example here they added the technology and combined it with the old buildings and culture here without changing a lot. Haytam thought that it was good, the people here would had only to complement their daily life with technology and helping them and not forcing them to change their culture.

Haytam looked around and saw, that he was in the middle of the street and a lot of fruit, vegetable and food stands were there, he knew that he landed in the market of the city. The street was full and people were coming and going, but they didn't look as satisfied as the people in the capital. Haytam saw that even if they were smiling and looked good, there was an insatisfaction too, that could only be seen with his immortal eyes.

But he had now a mission to complete and the first thing was to know how the business of Peter was going. So he used the map of the system and walked there.

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    《The All You Want System》