The All You Want System
99 Chapter 99
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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99 Chapter 99

Haytam walked to the jewelry `Black Heart`. This jewelry was the main branch and the biggest one too. There was 20 Branches and every one was in a Sector, specifically in the capital of that sector. Every woman dreams to be able to buy the jewelry from Black Heart, because it was the highest quality jewelry in the whole dimension and only the rich could afford it to buy there. Even the smallest earrings can cost more than 100000 gold coins, therefor was the quality guarantied.

Haytam reached soon the main sucursal of the jewelry and he was surprised about the outer design of the building. A full black building with black hearts in the front and a lot of crystals encrusted too. Haytam thought:" Wow, they surprise me every time with the magnificent buildings here. But one day, I will build the best building ever. Whatever it's not time to think about it."

Haytam changed his outer appearance to a middle age man. He saw now like a noble and rich man and someone who liked jewelry, because he wear a lot of chains and rings. Haytam thought that this blink blink appearance would suit with the place he was going to, if he entere the building as a twelve years old young boy with normal clothes, then he will be probably thrown out.

This appearance change occurred in the middle of the street, but nobody saw the change and nobody sensed anything wrong. Haytam said to himself:" Being the strongest and have the best techniques makes the life a lot easier." And he nodded with a smile to approvate himself.

Haytam then changed his kind expression to an arrogant expression and said:" Let's go, it's time to brag and being arrogant. "

Then he entered the building of `Black Heart`.

Black Heart was established 7 years ago and was since 5 years the leader in the sector of jewelry. Every rich man that wanted to buy jewelry would go at first to the Black Heart Jewelry and search for what they want. But their reputation was not so good when it's about recognizing mistakes. Haytam read in a report, that the system gave him, that in many case were the customers came back to the store to claim about a fake gold or synthetic materials instead, but Black Heart refused to take it back or to change it. But all this reports were from the system and they didn't existed in reality, because all these costumers had to shut up or to die.

Haytam looked around and as he wanted to look at the jewelry with precision, a worker came to him running and said:" Dear costumer, do you need help?"

The worker came fast and stuck at him directly. Haytam knew that even if he wanted to look around alone he couldn't.

Haytam had to act with the situation and replied arrogantly:" I waited a long time till you came, I thought for a moment that the service here was shit. Now, show me the best jewelry you have here."

The worker acted too humble and replied :" Sorry Sir, it'S my mistake. I will show you everything you want."
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Then Haytam followed the worker around and the worker showed him everything whose price was higher than 5.000.000 gold coins. In the same time Haytam asked the system to scan the jewelry for fake products. Haytam was sure that this store was full with fake products or bad quality, but from the show shelves, he saw only high quality jewelry.

The worker/servant blabbed the whole time about the jewelry non stop. Haytam wanted to kill him.

"And this is the Alexandrias Cat's Eye, it's our number one right now. There is only one piece and it was found in a tomb. It's so exquisite and beautiful, that even the master expert of our jewelry was shocked about this Chrysoberyll."

Haytam looked at this last one and was interested to buy it, it looked really good and mysterious. He liked this one and therefor he asked for the price:" Sir, this Alexandrias Cat's Eye costs 42.000.000 gold coins. The expert said that this was the amount, that this piece deserves."

Haytam thought for a moment and said:" Ok, I will buy it."

Haytam bought it even if the price was so high, but he thought:" No problem, I will take it back anyway."

The worker quickly said:" Perfect, I will arrange everything. Come with to the VIP room, our general manager will serve you personally."

Then Haytam went to the VIP room and waited there.

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    《The All You Want System》