The All You Want System
102 Chapter 102
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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102 Chapter 102

Lin was still in the capital of Sector 11 and observed what will happen after he left the scene, but even he was surprised by the management of Peter. Even if he was bad, he was still educated by the system and he should manage these situations better.

To fire a general only because he said that there is someone who can treat him.

"Is this natural ignorance or what? They already got the news that the main branch of Black Heart was destroyed. Why acting so superior and ignoring the matter. Do they want to conserve their pride?" Lin was thinking to himself, but at the end he could not understand how idiots thought. So, he left Sector 11.

At the same time, he travelled to the other Sectors to destroy the other branches of Black Heart. He wanted to visit every one of the branches and make the disappear personally.

At first, he went to Sector 1, this Sector was were he lived originally and was governed by Alice personally.

In the front of the branch of Black Heart, he called again the void hole and let the building disappear in an instant.

"What happened? I was in the building, why am I in the street?" A client shout as he saw the change of his location.

Another client:" Where does the building went?"

A passerby was shocked to see the void hole sucking the building: "What is this hole?"

"Hey look, the hole is sucking the building of the jewelry Black Heart!"

The people were all shocked and surprised by the sudden appearance of the void hole and the disappearance of the Black heart building, but nobody could do anything against it.

A lot of cultivators flew to the void hole and tried to close it as they saw it. They all used all their strength to stop the hole, but it was useless. The hole sucked all their attacks and disappeared again.

Lin even saw Sam in the group of cultivators that attacked the hole to stop it, but he knew that Sam was only playing around them.

Lin was only looking at the hole he created from the perspective of a passerby and was the only one calmed there. All the others were running from side to side trying to escape, because they thought that the hole would suck the un too, but that will not happen, because this hole only sucked lifeless things.

After he created the commotion the hole disappeared again, and a big word appeared in the ground where the building was.

At the ground was written a big word and this word was SEVEN.

All the people looked at the word and they all thought the same.

"This is not a natural catastrophe; this is human made!"

At the same time Lin was already in Sector 2 and did the same.

Then he went to Sector 3, 4, 5 and so on. He did not stop until all the branches of Black Hear disappeared from the surface of this dimension.

Because of these occurrences the whole dimension was in a frenzy. All the people talked about what happened and who the main cause is.

Because the whole dimension is connected and the news spread very quickly, the main issue in the next day was the same in all the planets, that where already developed. Then only the strongest planets where developed and the weaker one had to wait till, they will get the resources to do so.

Then even if Alice and the others had the knowledge, they needed time to develop everything.

Lin was in his house and was again in his original form of Lin Cage. Today he decided o laze around and to see the news and how the matter will develop.

Now in the news they wanted to show a live transmission of the president of Sector 11, who was at the same time the owner of Black Heart.

"Dear people, as you know yesterday all the branches of Black Heart jewelry disappeared and you are all preoccupied. But do not worry, this was a controlled experiment of our empress Alice and me. We are working on a new project and I decided to give up the business of jewelry, so we decided to use the project to help me to get rid of the buildings. The project is the future of our beloved dimension and we achieved yesterday a huge success."

President Peter spoke the whole time calm and confident. It looked like what he was saying was the truth and nothing was behind it.

The journalist began to ask after he finished and one of them asked:

"Mr. president, were there any danger for the people in the buildings or in the near of the buildings?"

President Peter smiled and replied: "Of course not, if so, we would not experiment with it along the whole dimension. From the beginning the safety of the people was guaranteed."

After he replied a few more question he left.

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    《The All You Want System》