The All You Want System
103 Chapter 103
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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103 Chapter 103

President peter left the scene with a smile, but as he reached the backstage, his smile turned to an angriness and his fist was tight together.

"Wait only, I do not matter who you are SEVEN, but once I put my hands on you, you will die miserably." Said Peter with anger to himself.

At the same time, he received a call.

"Hello? Yes, yes, your highness. I told everything you said. Do not worry, I will find the culpable and bring him to you."

He spoke with the empress Alice because this matter could not be hidden by him alone. As the buildings disappeared, he thought that someone has a grudge against him and used a trick to suck the building of Black Heart to make him angry, but he never thought that the other person was so powerful.

Then even if he used all his strength, he could not travel to all Sectors in one day and control the void holes. Then the void holes were in another level, that people from this dimension could not control by themselves.


In Sector 1, precisely in the palace, a woman was sitting in a throne alone and was looking the other side of the hall. She was the only one in the throne hall and it seems like she was so absorbed in something, that she did not even realized that someone was also in the hall.

This was Alice, the empress of the dimension and the strongest human here. She also controlled 3 beasts in the same realm as her and she had a weapon that could destroy worlds.

The other person in the hall was Lin Cage, her husband and at the same her assassin victim.

Lin came here to see what she was doing, after he saw the news, he wanted to see in which person she converted now.

But as he saw the loneliness in this throne hall, he knew directly that nothing was good. Even if she was worshipped by all the living humans right now, she was only a lonely woman in this gigantic hall.

Suddenly she turned her gaze to the place where Lin was standing, she looked at that place for a long time, but she could not see anything. But she felt something, she felt that someone was observing her.

"Is there someone? Are you SEVEN?" Asked suddenly Alice with a calm voice.

Lin heard her question and smiled, as expected, even if she could not see him or sense him, she could say that someone was there.

Lin replied telepathically: "You are good. I am here to tell you that I will destroy everything you built in the last years. You may ask why, but I will not answer. Think about what you did and maybe you can find out."

Alice was shocked that someone could sent a message in her mind without permission, she felt like a little girl helpless. Then nobody can ever surpass her defense, but no she could not even resist.

"Who are you? How can you be stronger than me? This is impossible!" Shout Alice Helpless, she could feel the pressure coming from nowhere and that made here nervous.

Lin laughed and replied: "Do not worry, this is only the beginning. You will lose everything faster as you built this empire. I will not do anything against you today but wait for me in your throne. Maybe your beloved throne can help you or maybe not. Who knows?"

Alice heard the voice again, but this time the pressure around her body was gone. She calmed herself a bit and then she took the sword from her wrist and began to swing it in the air.

A lot of flying half moons began to fly in the whole hall and soon the whole hall was destroyed, but nothing was there.

Lin's voice appeared again laughing: "Do you thing this would work? I am stronger than all of you together and it does not matter what you try, it will not work against me. Ok, SEVEN is saying goodbye."

Then Lin left the hall and left Alice standing there with red eyes in a destroyed hall.

The soldiers and high-ranking people came as fast as they could as they saw the throne hall destroyed and the QI waves that emanated from the empress. The whole palace stand under the spiritual pressure of Alice and they could not do anything about it, because she was too strong and only a few in the capital city can make more pressure than she, but they were not allowed to enter the palace without permission of the empress.

For example, Sam was very strong, and he could compete against Alice, but they put on him a lot of restrictions, like special laws and alarms for when he went to places, he was not allowed to go in. It was very complicated.

If not for the Hope Sect he founded, Sam would not be even allowed to put a foot in the capital, but because he founded it before the laws were done and he had a heavy word, then he would be exiled

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    《The All You Want System》