The All You Want System
104 Chapter 104
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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104 Chapter 104

As the guards and high ranked government members reached the destroyed throne hall, they saw the empress with bloodshot eyes and were all frightened to death.

"Your highness, what happened? Are you alright?" The premier minister asked quickly. He was worried that something happened to the empress, if so, the whole dimension would be affected negatively, and he was the one who was in charge to make everything go well.

Alice looked at the group of people in front of her and shout: "Search for that SEVEN! I want him alive in front of me. I do not matter which methods you use, but you have to bring him here."

All the people there heard her order and were surprised, the calm empress that governed the whole dimension cold blooded was now shouting and losing her calmness. That means that the matter was important, more important than anything else.

All of them kneeled and said: "Yes your highness, we will bring him in front of you!"

Then they left the throne hall quickly and all of them went to their offices or to their subordinates to plan and search to find SEVEN.

Lin was again in his sofa chilling and enjoying an ice cream. He was not preoccupied by anything, then he could in every place and do what ever he wants where he wants.

"Let see how the Sectors were developed by them." He was a little bored, but he did too much for today, he wanted to relax, so he decided to travel to a small planet.

He randomly chooses a planet and suddenly he was there. This was a small planet with a lot of greens to see from the outer space.

Noah entered the atmosphere f the planet and began to fly over the planet. The planet was beautiful, and it was like a little paradise.

Then he saw a small village in the near and decided to visit the people there.

"System make me look like the people here." Ordered Lin to the system and without and reply from the system he looked now very different.

But this time only his clothes changed, and he still looked like Lin Cage. Then he descended in the near of the village and began to walk there.

As he entered the village, he saw kids playing and adults making their works. Some were washing clothes, other were cutting wood and others were cooking. But one thing had they in common and that was the smile in their faces.

Lin walked normally in the streets of the village and was somehow happy to see the honest working adults and the little pure child. It gave him a sentiment he lost a long time ago. Even if the village was poor and they ad barely something to eat and they were very thin, they looked satisfied with their lives right now.

Suddenly a horn sound could be heard in the whole village and at the same time the smiles of the people disappeared in a sudden.

The child stopped playing and the adults left their work. Then they formed two lines rapidly and began to wait.

"Big brother come quickly in the line. You will be in trouble if you do not come in the line." A little girl shout to Lin and told him to come. The adults also said the same after they realized that he was not in a line.

Lin saw the anxiety of the villagers and went to a line and stood there too.

A little after a carriage came running and a fat man came out and asked: "Are you ready for a day of mining?"

He stopped and then he burst in laugher and said: "I do not mind, for me you are ready every time. If someone dares to die in my mines again, I will kill his whole family."

The fat man was an absolute tyrant and was completely heartless.

Lin saw this and wanted to see what the reason for this was, so he kept silent and followed the villagers to the mines.

On their way they villagers who looked happy in their village, become depressed and their sadness could even for a cold breeze around them.

Once in the mines Lin took the provided work equipment, which was old and broken and followed to the inner of one of the mines.

In the mines the villager began to mine and extract ores. They worked more like machines and not like humans.

Lin curiously asked a villager: "Are you forced to mine?"

The villager looked strangely at Lin and replied: "Of course, do you think we want to do this job. It is only because the fast developing of countless planets, that we have to suffer and at the end we do not get anything."

"Can you explain to me? I do not get it."

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    《The All You Want System》