The All You Want System
105 Chapter 105
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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105 Chapter 105

Lin was confused about what the villager said, he could hear the anger from his voice and he understand this feeling completely.

The villager become silent for a moment and looked around to see something, then he approached Lin and began to tell:

"It is obvious that you are new here. We are so to say the free slaves of the upper worlds. For the development that began about 10 year ago, the upper worlds needed a lot of workforce and materials, but the people from the upper worlds were too arrogant to take these jobs. So, the central government gave the order that allowed the upper worlds to use the resources of lower worlds. Since then we, free people, become free worker for the upper worlds. Even if the slavery is forbidden, we are called workers and we get a place to live and food. But it is always very scarce and the majority of times families have to share a house to live there."

"Young boy, you are new here and I know what they told you as they sent you here. They promised you a beautiful living and food and a wage, but these are only promising, and they will never become true. I am here for 9 years and I cannot leave this place, I even married with another worker and I got one son, and now my son has to work with us too." Said the man with a sad expression and regrets were to see in his face.

Lin understood what was happening here and he become angry again. He knew what was happening here very good. Back on earth he researched a lot about why the black people and the people in very poor countries lived like that and were poor. After a long time researching, he concluded that he was part of the problem. The rich and powerful countries oppressed the poor ones and they did not let them develop. Sometimes they showed some show how they helped those countries and at he ends it was only for show.

But on earth they oppressed using laws and restrictions and here they made it openly and used a show to make these places look beautiful and fair.

Lin nodded and asked: "Why does nobody oppose against this order. Are there no righteous people?"

The man laughed and replied: "Try to oppose against an immortal and they tell me if you survived. Wait, you cannot even tell, then you are dead now when you oppose against them. And the people from the upper world do not even know that such places, they think these places are good opportunities to work. But once they arrive, they are trapped for ever here, like me."

Lin said then: "I understand, thank you. Can you tell what your name is?"

The man smiled and replied: "I am Carlos Limes, I know my last name is strange, but in the past, we planted limes and sold them. Before all this happen, my family owned a farm of limes."

Lin laughed and replied: "No, it is not strange. The last name represents the family and if your family were proud limes farmers, then it is good. Thank to people like you we have limes to eat and prepare delicious food."

The man smiled and felt proud suddenly about his last name, he always thought it was strange and shameful, but thanks to Lin he saw his last name with other eyes.

Lin walked away and thought for a moment something. Suddenly he got an idea to how to destroy the government of the dimension slowly and at the same time to not create chaos for long time.

But at first, he wanted to ask Sam for advice, they he was not here for along time and if he did something idiotic, he would regret it at the end. So, at first, he will speak about it with Sam.

But what he could do now was to free this world from the control of others and let the people live like they want.

"Carlos, how much of the population here are affected?" Asked Lin seriously.

Carlos replied without thinking: "This planet is a worker planet, so almost 90% of the population live in these conditions. Only a few with privileges live in cities and live normally.

"System create a perfect government method and give it to me as a book. Then give this Carlos a power of a Qi Condensation cultivator and make some restrictions about him. Then create a protection barrier about the planet." Said Lin in his mind and the system replied:

[Yes master.]

Then a book appeared in his hands and Carlos aura began to change in the multitude and QI began to surround him. At the same time the QI in the whole planet began to act completely crazy and a layer of transparent glass appeared in the eyes of everyone before disappearing again.

Carlos Limes was still confused and had questions, but Lin gave him the book and said before leaving:

"You are now the strongest in this planet and nobody will disturb you from the outside. Use this book to govern and be a good governor and do not become greedy. If I could give you all this, then I can take it away too."

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    《The All You Want System》