The All You Want System
107 Chapter 107
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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107 Chapter 107

Lin saw this situation and teleport to the office of Sam. He wanted to know what happened exactly. He had an idea, but he was not sure about it.

In the office of Sam, Sam was sitting and looking outside and sighing slowly. He did not look preoccupied, but he looked sad. Not sad about what is happening to the sect, he was sad about to what this place converts.

He was thinking about how Alice failed building here empire. This empire was established too fast and it was very unstable. The people who were governing tyrannically were still governing in the same way and nothing changed. The only thing that changed was that they all served Alice and nothing more.

And Alice did not control them, she let them do what they want, and she only wanted to the highest-ranking person in the whole dimension.

Her thirst for power was too big and that made this empire week and could fall at any time.

"Sam, what happened?" A voice asked suddenly.

Sam was not surprised, then he recognized this voice and he waited for this voice too.

"Alice is using SEVEN to frame me and close this sect and to punish me. She waited for a long time to end with me and now she found the perfect moment. She used her lips to make all believe that I am SEVEN."

Lin expected such an answer, it was clear that Alice would use this opportunity to finish with Sam.

"Sam, do you want to change the location of the sect? And do you want to help me openly with this matter and end destroy the empire of Alice?"

"Yes, I have nothing to lose. They already want to kill me or to put me in a cage or similar. So, if I can do something than I will do it." Replied Sam with a light smile.

Sam was smiling in this situation, but that smile showed a lot of repressed feelings. That light smile showed more than words can describe, he literally had heartache. As a person who was an orphan and loved this place, which was his first home, where Haytam received him and the people glorify him. Now, the same people wanted him dead, because he was saying and acting honest and with his believes.

Lin saw him and felt bad too. He felt that he was the main culprit, if he were not so young and naïve, he would have not fall in the trick of Alice.

He should have seen the true character of Alice at the first glance, but he ignored it and thought that she was only a sad little girl. But he could have seen her obsession with things and her sudden character change to him without reason. Now, where he was thinking about his time with her, he realized her obsession. She always wanted that things were good for here, even if she was in the bad side. But she was so intelligent that she could mask her intentions and make it look normal, even her father was only a tool for her.

Lin did not say anything, both had feelings and thoughts which they could not express with words. Both knew what the other was thinking, so they stayed quit.

After a while, Lin told to the system:

"System create an earth like planet in a separate dimension. This dimension should be separate of all the others places and it should be impossible to reach from the outside. And then teleport us there."

[Yes master, I am working at it, but it will take a long time. I can bring you at first to the planet with the barrier."


Lin was tired of all this, so he wanted a place only for him. He hated about having interfered with the lives of people and about creating all these problems. He only wanted to live peacefully, but nobody wanted to let him. He also wanted to return to his home planet, the earth and live peacefully, even the stress of school and society was better than all these fights and conflicts.

So, after he finished with all these problems and restored the peace here, he wanted to go to his own earth and stay there forever.


Now they were in another place, the environment changed in a sudden and the view of the capital was exchanged with he views of a little town. The tower of the hope sect was the tallest building in this planet right now and could be seen from far away.

In this town also live Carlos Limes, and as he saw the building appearing suddenly, he knew that it something to do with that boy.

So, he run to the tower as fast as he could and like expected he saw that boy coming out, but in another clothes.

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    《The All You Want System》