The All You Want System
108 Chapter 108
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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108 Chapter 108

Lin was very angry that day, even after he calmed down and brought the Hope sect in security. He knew that he was too fast acting.

"Alice is really desperate, to use me to destroy the Hope Sect is very stupid." Said Lin to Sam.

Sam still was a little sad, but he replied: "Yes, she must be very nervous because of someone stronger than her. And she did not want to have more than one enemy. I was the whole time here enemy and now as you appeared, she was desperate to finish with me."

Lin nodded and replied: "But I guess she should now be very angry. I left a message very special before leaving the city. She should be mad right now."

Sam was puzzled, he wanted to ask, but Lin stood and went. So, his curiosity was even bigger.

Back in the capital city of Sector 1, Alice was destroying everything that she was seeing.

"Which relation does Sam have with SEVEN. Why did he helped Sam." She was screaming in the hall and the ministers had all their heads lowered and could not do anything to help calm her anger.

"Your Highness, we found a message in ground where Hope sect was." Said a messenger after entering the Hall running.

"Tell me quickly!" Ordered Alice after she heard that it had something to do with the Hope Sect.

"Did you think you are stronger than me? You can try everything, even plotting against honest and righteous people, but you have to know that I am omnipotent. I am everywhere and I can see everything, if you try to do anything stupid, I can resolve it in less than a second. Like now, I am behind you."

The messenger read the message and the ministers where surprised about the content, he was making the empress look stupid. But the last sentence made them all look behind the empress. And as if the message were real, a shadow came out from behind the empress.

"Hello everybody, how are you? Everything alright? If yes, then soon it will be the contrary." The voice of a kid sound in the hall and everyone was shocked by it.

Alice looked back and she saw a little boy coming out from the dark with a strange smile. He looked so innocent, but at the same time he looked so dangerous.

Alice trembling looked at the kid and asked: "Are you SEVEN? What do you want from us? What did I do to you?" She was going crazy, because of this SEVEN, if this did not stop now, then she would rather die.

"Oh, I only want you to suicide. It is easy, not too hard and maybe your accomplices too." Replied Lin slowly.

All the people in the hall were shocked by the wish of the boy.

"Who do you think you are? Kneel down to the empress!" Said one of the ministers in fury. He could not see this theater anymore. As a minister and a person that worked on the side of empress, he was very proud and arrogant.

Lin smiled to him, then with a snip of Lin, the minister evaporates in the air. Then Lin said: "He is a blabbermouth, nh? I could not any word from him anymore.

Alice who was still shocked, became scared. The minister that evaporated right now was not weak, he was very strong. If not, he could not be a minister and sit in this hall. Even she could not do something like that, even if she used her most powerful attack.

So, she telepathically called her guardian beasts to protect her from this boy.

The three beasts came quickly and all looked majestic. Only their eyes looked dead somehow, they were not alive anymore. They could breath and their body were alive, but they did not have an own consciousness anymore

Lin looked at the Black Dragon, White Phoenix and the Diamond turtle and was sad to see his friends so dead.

"Are you trying to threat me with your pest or what? These adorable beasts are too cute to do anything." Said Lin smiling.

Alice then laughed and replied: "It does not matter how strong you are. Against four Immortal Ascension cultivators, you are nothing."

"Are you sure that my strength does not matter?" Asked Lin with curious and smiling.

Alice looked at the kid and in the next second she was not sure. She began to think if this kid is really stronger, but it was impossible. Nobody should be so strong; it was mind blowing.

She hesitates for a moment and telepathically ordered the beasts to attack, but in the next moment an aura was let out and nobody could move.

The aura had no killing intentions nor good intentions, nothing. Nobody has never experienced such neutral aura without feelings. Usually the aura reflected how a person was feeling in the moment and reflected his intentions, but this aura has no intentions in it.

That made everyone scarier and more nervous.

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    《The All You Want System》