The All You Want System
110 Chapter 110
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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110 Chapter 110

"What is happening Alice? How could you lose control of your territory and order and emergency alarm?" Asked one of the presidents, he thought that it did not matter what it was, it could not be that serious.

The others nodded too and wanted a reply, they had to leave their Sectors and they had to break the law, where they are not supposed to meet. Then they were only allowed to meet when it was time to change sectors every 50 years and not in emergency states.

There was a law that said, that even in a war they should not meet, but here are they all together in one room.

Alice looked at them with a pale face and replied: "There is someone. He is too strong, unbelievable strong. He can stop four Immortal Ascension cultivators alone only with his aura and he had bad intentions to the empire. We cannot let him do what he wants."

The presidents were shocked by what she said. They knew how strong an immortal ascension cultivator is and how they can fight and everything, but nobody was able to fight against four at the same time without moving one finger and only using aura.

Sara, the president of Sector 2, was thinking about this matter seriously. She knew the impact that this matter could have in the whole dimension and she needed more than one opinion. She did not trust Alice completely, but she heard her orders unlike Sam. But for all the important matters she would ask Sam for advice, then he was her closest brother.

"Alice, where is Sam? I searched him the whole time, but he is not here, in these situations he should be here too!" Asked Sara suddenly, she felt something strange wat happening.

Alice suddenly become quite and did not know how to respond. She knew Sara very well, she may complete and hear her orders and laws, but she was very close to Sam and if she told the truth, Sara would leave and others too. Then Sam was like their core, without Sam they would have not known Haytam and without Haytam they would have been die or still in the streets. And he even was like a big brother, that cared about them the whole time. So, she was sure about not telling the truth.

"He and his sect moved to another planet, he did not want to stay here anymore, and he does not want to have anything to do with he government anymore. He only wants to live peacefully and tech the disciples of the sect well without the bad atmosphere of the city. He also broke all the contact with us."

Sara looked at Alice suspiciously, she did not believe what she said, but what could she do. She had any clues about Sam right now and she could not do anything to search for him. If she tries to search, she will find only difficulties by the people and the government.

But as she wanted to ask more and know more details, a light appeared in front of them and in front of everyone appeared a large screen with a text.

"Your highness stops lying, it is not good for your health. What about telling the truth? It can help to reduce the stress."

Everyone was shocked seeing that screen, but the message made them angry. Because it was like someone was looking the whole time at them and they could do anything about it. But the message made them curious too.

Jose, the president of Sector 15, asked with anger: "What does that mean Alice, you should clarify us what is happening."

Alice became nervous, she was under a lot of stress right now, she was the only immortal ascension left on her side. David and the other that helped her to kill Haytam could not also help in this situation, then they were still a big minority. She could now only tell the truth because she knew that if she tried to lie again, a screen would appear again.

So, she only one opportunity and if she wasted it again, she would be discovered.

"Sam joined the enemy and he is in a planet with zero contact tot eh rest of the dimension. He also moved the whole sect to that planet with all his loyal disciples. He betrayed the empire for the sake of power. I did not want to hurt your feelings." Said Alice slowly. But this time no screen appeared, she said the truth, but she told it in way that sounds that Sam joined the wrong side and he was wrong.

"This cannot be true; how can he have joined the enemy. He must have been tricked; we have to help him." Said David after hearing Alice. He wanted to use the feelings of the presidents towards Sam to make them help Alice. He could not be with Alice's side openly, but he could use slender words to make them help her.

"Yes, he is right. We have to help big brother." Said another one.

Then all of them agreed, only Sara was still suspicious. She left the room still thinking that something was wrong, but she did not know what.

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    《The All You Want System》