The All You Want System
111 Chapter 111
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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111 Chapter 111

Lin was sitting in a cottage in the village where he brought the Hope sect. He wanted to rest, so he let the system build a cottage for him in a hill near the village.

The cottage was very simple with only two rooms and was very quiet. He was in a room and was meditating what happened the last days.

He as a calm person knew that he did a lot of things the last days based on his emotions. This is not good for him and he knew it. But when a person confronts with his killers then it is very difficult to stay calm.

After he meditated in the cottage he went out and went up in the hill to the highest point. There was a rock, Lin went on the rock and stand there. Then he began to practice martial arts, it was his own created martial arts. He created them to practice when he was bored.

He slowly moved his body according to the newly created martial arts and his body looked like moving in slow motion. Every move looked precise and killer, if somebody saw this martial art he would think they are easy to replicate, but the truth was complete the opposite. This martial art had no blind point or weak moves, and while he practices it he also is breathing in a special way. This martial had also a breathing technique to complement it.

Honestly, Lin was inspired by the novels he read in back on earth. He loved to read Chinese web novels and he always wanted to know how it feels to practice Chinese martial arts, but unfortunately, they were all fiction.

Now, even if he was an immortal and the strongest human being under God. Yes, he could never be as strong as god or be comparable to him. He even asked the system once as he realized that he was too strong and if he could compare to god.

The systems reply was very clear: [Master, you cannot compare yourself to god. His strength is beyond imagination and he is eternal. He existed before the existence and he will exist after the existence. You might be the strongest living being and you can do things like creating a planet and destroy anything, but you are still only a living thing. So, if god wants, he could stop you and me anytime. As I was newly created, I thought I was only created by chance, but after a few years scanning and researching, I found out I was created by someone and that someone can only be god.]

Lin was shocked by the reply of the system that time, he never thought that the system could be so serious. Since then he believed in a god and began to worship him.

After a time worshiping the god he could not see or feel, he began to fill full again in his heart. His hearth which was burnt by the fire of revenge began to cool down and then he realized something:

"I can be very strong, stronger than anything that existed before, but I am still only a human that cannot control my actions when I am feeling strong emotions. I cannot let my strength make me blind to what I am. I cannot convert in something like Alice, that things she is a god and can do whatever she wants."

After practicing for a whole morning, he changed his clothes and went down the hill, as he entered the village, He saw two lines of people welcoming him. He walked in the middle of the two lines and then he greeted them back.

Then he entered the Hope sect tower and went to the office of Sam. He felt that today was a good day and he needed to do something good at such a good day.

Sam saw him coming and asked directly: "Big brother, what should we do?"

Lin replied with a smile: "Calm down. Now all your brothers and sisters are reunited in the capital and the other sectors are not protected, I will give Alice a surprise now."

Sam was puzzled and asked: "What are you thinking? Tell me, I want to help!"

Lin replied: "You cannot help me; this need someone in my cultivation level. But I will ask you something."


"What if she loses the control to all other sectors in an instant?"

"Are you telling me that you want to cut the connection between all the sectors?" Asked Sam shocked. He knew how important the connection between the sectors was. This fast developing which happened the last years was only possible by the help of every planet working together if he cut the connection, then the empire will fall down instantly."

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    《The All You Want System》