The All You Want System
112 Chapter 112
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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112 Chapter 112

Sam was truly shocked, if Lin did this, then the whole dimension will be cut in 23 pieces that cannot be connected together. It would be like a puzzle with all the pieces available, but for some reason they are not able to connect with each other and form the final picture.

Then Lin explained why he want to do this: "You know the last years were very prosperous for the high rank worlds, but the little ones had never a chance against them. The strong used all his power to have absolute control and they disturbed the natural development of that worlds. Look this planet for example, their people become slaves and they could not do anything against it."

Lin continued: "Therefor I want to liberate all the low rank worlds and let them their space to develop at their own speed. I realized that it is bad to force a development and it would only bring harm. So, the best thing we can do it to give them their freedom."

Sam understood the thoughts of Lin, he also saw the harm caused to the weak and felt that it was wrong from the beginning on. But he could not do anything with his position.

"Ok, when will you do it?" Asked Sam.

Lin thought for a moment and replied: "We can start now. It is a good moment to do it. The presidents are not there, and they are all reunited in one place. So, now it is perfect to disconnect all the sectors from each other."

Sam thought about something and then he asked: "Will that be permanent or only for a time."

Lin replied: "I think 3000 years is a good time for the dimension to recover, in this time the worlds can go back to normality."

"What about us, we are more than 20 immortal ascension cultivators, only our presence brings a lot of harm to the people." Said Sam.

"I thought a long time about this matter, and I found the solution. I do not know if you are aware of this, but there is a higher dimension where the people are much stronger than us. The cultivators in your realm are even normal. There are other rules and natural laws and I think you will fit there perfectly. But at first, we have to settle the things here, before I will bring you there. "

Sam was shocked, but somehow it made sense, if there were o much types of planets, there should be also much types of dimension. But what he was really thinking was about what Lin said, he never includes himself about staying in that dimension, He only talked about them.

After they discussed this matter, Lin teleport himself to the center of the dimension. He was in the very center of the dimension. He stood in the dark space and looked the shiny stars and the countless plants and asteroids and everything.

Then he reunites all his QI in his chest and also the surrounding star QI.

The star QI was the QI that could only be found in the outer space. And was a bit stronger than the QI found in the planets.

Lin was using this QI because the barriers he will create now should be self-nourished by the QI in the surroundings. So, a barrier that was between sectors was obviously in the outer space, so Star QI was the most suitable Qi to use.

After he reunite all the QI, he had a clear map of the dimension in his mind and with its help he traced the lines for the barriers. After he had a clear an image of the barriers in his mind, he said a chant and then he released all the QI he reunited.

The QI automatically rushed to all the places in the dimension and soon all the people in the dimension felt the change in the environment. They all looked up and looked to the sky. They all saw a wave of QI in the sky, they all were huge waves and looked endless. And as soon as they saw it, the waves disappeared again.

The people with the biggest shock were all reunited in Sector 1 and they all felt the huge amount of QI that appeared in the dimension. They looked anxious and they all rushed to the outer space to see what happened, They followed he traces of QI and as they wanted to cross the border of Sector 1, they were not able to do it. They were all trapped in Sector 1.

Some of them attacked the invisible barrier, but it was helpless. The attacks were absorbed and they barrier got even stronger.

Then at the same time a message appeared in the minds of all the people in all the planets. It was incredible that the population of trillions of people had all the same message in their mind.

"All the sectors were disconnected from each other for a time of 3000 years. It is useless to try to contact or go to any other places. Maybe it is hard for you, because you have family or friends in other sectors, but this is the best for the dimension. Sorry, I should not have slowed to some people do what they want and to bring harm to the dimension. Use the 3000 years to go back to normality and good luck."

All the people were shocked, they never expected that the wave they saw in the sky were their prison.

A lot of people felt anxious, some were happy, and some were angry. A lot of people cried about losing a friend or a family member and some were sad because they had businesses in other places. But they knew one thing, the person who did this was beyond their imagination and they could not stop him or her.

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    《The All You Want System》