The All You Want System
114 Chapter 114
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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114 Chapter 114

Alice, Peter, Carlos and Jessica looked each other, and they felt the pressure coming from others. They did not dare to say anything. They were all scared, then if a group of immortal ascension cultivators were angry then the death was the only exit.

Haytam smiled and then he said: "I think they did not want to tell you the truth. So, I will tell you why I was gone fir so long. These four plotted against me and killed me from the back. I thought at first, I was dead, but then I realized that my soul was saved, and I could form a new body. But I was dead for a time and in this time, I was floating in the void without the power to control my destiny."

Lin told till this point and then he looked at them and asked: "Now I want to know why you killed me? What was the reason?"

Peter, Carlos and Jessica hesitate at first, but then peter spoke for the three of them: "We were very thankful with you, but you did not have any future plans or wanted to achieve something big in the future. So, as Alice showed us her plan to build an empire, we agreed, and we changed a lot of things thanks to our decision. We could change this dimension to a better place and kids like us were not in need to search in the trash for food. Even if they had to work, it was much better. So, sacrificing a person for other millions was for us ok." Peter spoke with confident and did not hesitate with his words, even if he was a fraud in the business of jewelry, he knew from the system that what he said was true.

Haytam asked the system to prove if what he says was true, then he did not wasn't to be fooled with beautiful words.

[Master, what he said is true. The child poverty is an extinct issue in their respective sectors. Even if they have to work, they have milder jobs and the kids do not think about not having food the next day.]

Lin was surprised, then he turned his eyes to Alice and asked for her excuse.

"HAHAHA, I never thought you would survive. In was right about you since the first moment. As I saw how mysterious you were and all the things you could do, I knew that with your help I could reach the top of power. But unfortunately, you did not want the same what I wanted. So, after a long time of thinking, I planned how to kill you and get the maximal profit. Thanks to all the orphans you had with you and the library and the trust of the people to you, I knew that after you were killed, they would all stand and do something against the people who killed you. So, I planned and planned and could convince everyone about how you died and then I did nothing. The whole dimension was frightened about the power of dozens of immortal ascension cultivators and they came to me and they sworn to be part of the empire, if I helped them to not be annihilated."

"It was very easy to control everyone, but now I think everything is gone and nobody would ever forgive me."

The voice of Alice was ice cold and it was like she was dead and had no hoped more.

The Haytam asked again: "Do you repent what you did?"

The ice-cold voice of Alice sounds again: "Repent? Do you think I did everything to repent at the end if I lose? The only thing what I repent is not knowing that I could not kill you. HHAHA" She has gone crazy and there was no back now, she was in condition that could made everyone in the near of her being scared of her.

Lin looked at her and said: "Maybe you do not repent anything, but I forgive you. I was the one who was too weak to be fooled by a person like you. But I already forgive you after seeing your poor condition, then you are worse than an animal right now and maybe my forgiveness can help you. You can go now, and you are not allowed to return."

Lin said every word slowly and put some QI to make it sound more sensitive.

After Alice heard what he said, she began to tremble and shake.

"No, no, no, you cannot forgive me. I killed you, I stole everything from you!" Alice could not accept his forgiveness; it was the only thing that she did not accept from him. This was the button line, that she never thought that Haytam would cross.

After shouting a lot of nonsense, she suddenly began to glow and then the QI inside her began to canalize in her core.

Haytam saw her and he knew that she wanted to implode, this process could not be stopped, so he formed a capsule around her, and he waited till she explodes.

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    《The All You Want System》