The All You Want System
115 Chapter 115
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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115 Chapter 115

The whole room was silent, in a short time a lot of things happened, and they could not digest everything in a short time.

Haytam had a dry smile in his life, but it he looked more sad than happy. Whatever he quickly came back to his normal mood and said: "Now, what should I do with you?"

He was addressing to Peter, Carlos, and Jessica. He could hill the three of them easily, but it would be too easy.

They looked at him and Peter replied: "We accept every punishment; it was our fault."

Haytam laughed and replied: "ok, then I will take all your cultivation and seal your minds. From now on, you will live like mortals. Every try to cultivate will kill you and you cannot teach anyone."

As he said that, at the same time the three of them began to feel weaker and weaker and their minds felt blocked.

They instantly realized what happened, but there was no regret. They accepted the punishment and then left the room with the head lowered. They lost everything they had, and they will live like mortals, it was like telling a god to come to the mortal world and live there, but this was the reality when you make the wrong decision.

After they left Haytam could relax and then he sits in the middle and stared at the others.

"Hello, I missed you all. You all changed a lot; you look so adult now. It is incredible how time pass. Honestly, I thought I would die, and I would never come back again, but here I am. I know that we have to restore a lot of time together, but before that we have to talk about living this dimension."

Haytam stopped talking then he took a long breath and continued:

"This dimension was never suitable for people as strong as we are, if we continue living here, the dimension will be in danger. The QI we need to live and cultivate is much more than what the dimension can produce. Till today was it okay, but if we continue here, in two years the dimension will begin to fall apart, and a lot of natural disasters will happen."

"Therefor we will leave this place and go to another dimension that can provide the QI without problem. Once we are there, we can talk and do what you want, but now we have to live."

"because of me a lot of harm happened to the people here and to you too. So, we should move further and find a suitable place."

The room was still silent, but then someone asked: "Big brother, we already noticed this problem, but as you know the ways between the dimension are for us deathly. Before we become presidents and had to stay in our sectors, we noticed this problem and tried to find a way to solve it, but unfortunately the path between the dimensions was too dangerous. And after that we had to give up and wait to see if the natural laws would adapt or not."

The one who spoke was Leo, he was the one who studied Spiritual Geography and the natural laws. The Spiritual Geography was the subject used to find suitable places for cultivation, where the best treasures were and everything that had something to do with geography and cultivation.

Haytam listened and replied: "For you to try it alone is dangerous, but with me here no. Today we will travel night and you have to prepare yourself, do not try to hide or to escape, you will be teleported to the meeting place by me automatically and it did not matter what."

Haytam finished talking and wanted to leave the room, he still felt a little upset, but then he heard Sara asking something: "Big brother, there is another problem. There is some of us who have wives or husbands and child, what about them?"

Haytam was surprised, he did not think about the little boys he knew would already be married and having child. He never imagined it, so he said:

"You can bring your closest family members. I would like to meet them."

Then he left and the first thing he did was too observe the three he let go without powers, he knew that they had also families and child, so he decided to send them back to their homes. He wanted revenge, but he did not want to destroy a family. This was not his style.

Peter, Carlos, And Jessica felt how a power was sucking them inside a hole and then they found themselves in their homes. They instantly felt on the ground and tears began to flow on their cheeks.

"Thank you, big brother, we caused you so much harm and you still forgive us. Thank you and sorry."

The three of them said something similar.

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    《The All You Want System》