The All You Want System
117 Chapter 117
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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117 Chapter 117

The whole group was now in a worm tunnel and they could see their surroundings very good. In the tunnel thy could see a lot of images of people or planets. Everyone of the pictures were different and represented a dimension. You should think of that there are a lot of dimensions and the worm tunnels connected them.

Normally was impossible for such a large group to travel together and even a single person was in danger, but the system was protecting them and covered them with a protection layer.

Every one was so concentrated seeing outside the tunnel, that is was terrifying silent in the protection layer. Even the babies were concentrated seeing their surroundings.

They saw pictures of people that lived in the stone age, others were living in a modern world, others were in a fantasy world and there were apocalyptic worlds to see.

After one hour in the tunnel, they finally felt a change in the protection layer, for the first time they changed direction and were heading to a image. The image was surrounded by gold light and looked different to others. The image they could see was that of a man cultivating with the eyes closed and as they reached the image, the man suddenly opened his eyes and looked at them directly. It was like he could see them, even if it were impossible because they did not cross the entrance of that dimension.

Haytam also saw that man and he was surprised, then he sensed danger from that man and was suppressed by him.

Soon they crossed the entrance to that dimension and then they were in the dimension. They were now in the outer space and from very far, they could see a flat earth that covered the whole horizon. That flat earth was bigger than they could ever imagined, but at the same time there were no other planets in this dimension. The only place for humans and cultivators to live was that giant flat earth that covered the whole dimension.

The people were so stunned about the size of this place, that they could not even realize what they were seeing. They all were strong personage that traveled in the outer space and they saw endless giant planets, but they never saw this insane size and flat earth.

Haytam was also shocked, but he quickly calmed himself and said to the others: "This will be our new home, as you see this place is giant and I cannot decide for you. I have to choices for you."

The whole group listened, and they nodded.

"At first I have a question for you. Do you feel much weaker since you arrived here?"

"Yes, I feel like my cultivation in the immortal ascension realm disappeared. But this counts only to my spiritual power, my body is still the one of an immortal ascension cultivator." Said Carlos.

"I also feel the same."

"Me too."

The others began to agree to what Carlos said.

Honestly Haytam did not feel any difference, but he could feel that QI in their bodies vanished as soon as they entered this place. So, he asked the system.

[The natural law of this place nullifies the cultivation from other places. Because usually nobody reaches this dimension, is this fact not known. But they are lucky that I was the one who evolved their bodies and they would not be affected by the natural law. That means they have to cultivate from the beginning, but their bodies are from an immortal. You do not feel any difference, because your cultivation is linked to me and the natural laws do not work on me.]

Haytam was happy, but at the same he felt bad for them. Then they have to cultivate from the beginning, but thanks to their tarrying talents they would not face big problems in this place.

"So, the natural laws nullified your cultivation and you have to cultivate from the beginning again. But because you used my method to cultivate, you bodies are still as strong as before. But your family members have to begin completely from eh beginning and cultivate new."

Their faces of the others turned black and felt injustice, but they soon recovered and then one of them said: "The first time we did not enjoy the time cultivating, we were so fast that we did not feel how we got so strong. We can use this second chance to cultivate new."

The majority agreed to what he said, but there were some that cultivate for real and all their efforts disappeared so fast, that they could not accept it. But they remained silent because they knew that nothing could change this.

"So, what will you do? Do you want to go for your own and luck or do you want to live together and build a place for us somewhere?"

The silent came back and then they looked each other.

"is our freedom restricted if we stay together?" Asked Carlos again, he was the only one that replied and asked the whole time.

"No, you have your freedom to do what you want, but you can not choose where you live?"

The people become silent again and then as if they could exchange the same thought, they all said at once:


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    《The All You Want System》