The All You Want System
118 Chapter 118
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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118 Chapter 118

"Alright, then our new live will begin as a big family." Said Haytam with a smile.

They all then went to the flat earth I the horizon, but as more they approached the land as bigger it got. And the distance was not as short as they thought, then the flat earth was millions of kilometers away, but they could still see the whole flat earth.

Haytam did not know where they should go, but he knew that this planet was the saint land of cultivators. He never sensed such pure QI in the atmosphere, only the QI that was provided by the system was purer.

Haytam knew that if they kept only floating in the protective barrier and flying so slow, then they would never reach that planet. So, he teleported them all to somewhere in that planet. He did not choose any specific place, then he did not care about it and he only wanted to settle down. Everything else could be settled later with the help of the system.

"Wow, I never saw such a fertile and beautiful land!" Said the wife of one of the orphans. She was from a rich family and she saw everything in her life, but this was shocking for her.

"The QI is so abundant; we only had such QI with the help of arrays." Said another

"If we live here, we can recuperate our strength soon." Said another one.

Everyone felt in love with this place and they loved it.

"Look there is a village in the near. Let go to see how the people here are." Said Sam who was quite the whole time.

Haytam nodded and they all began to march to the village.

The village looked poor and the people looked like barbarian. Their clothes were made from beast fur and they were all big and strong. Their bodies were like the one from a beast with a lot of ancient tattoos.

Those people in the village saw a group of people marching to them and then they suddenly become alert and everyone began to take weapons in their hands.

"Hksdb Hvdahsvf efzVWEUF!!!" A man shout from the village. He spoke a strange language and all from the group could not understand what he was saying.

Only Haytam could understand what he said, then he mastered all the language that existed.

"We are not intruders; we are new here and want to know where we are!" Replied Haytam in their language.

The man then replied: "You cannot fool us, we know you want our woman and kids, we will not give them to you bastards from the Crow Empire."

"We are really not from that crow empire; we are normal people and we do not belong to any empire. We do not even speak the language from this place!"

"Do you think we are idiots; you are talking to us fluently and you dare to foul us?"

Then the man gave the signal to attack them. He was very angry with the people from the Crow Empire, they already made they suffer a lot and they try to fool them now with tricks.

As the arrows began to fly to their direction. All the ex-immortals with the body of an immortal stepped in the front and with their bare bodied they let the arrows hit them. Of course, the arrows could not harm them in any way, and they stood there as shields of the weak from the group.

"No way, attack them again with the golden arrows!" The barbarian shout again and the others began o prepare the golden arrows, but they were stopped by Haytam. He did not want to harm this people; it was clear that they were very scared even if they looked so brave. He understood from the few sentences they changed that the Crow Empire bullied them the whole time.

"I am serious, we are honest people in search for help. So, stop now or you will regret it." Said Haytam while making pression with his aura over them.

Finally, the barbarian calmed himself and realized that if this group wanted to do something against them, then they would be helpless. The from the aura from hat young man, he knew that it was impossible that the Crow Empire sent them here.

"Ok, you can come, but if you try to harm my people, then I will do everything in my power to kill you."

Haytam smiled and nodded, then they began to move forward again and soon they reached the village.

The village was not big, it had only about 500 people and only 150 of them were adult men. They looked like hunters and they lived from hunt. The men were in charge of hunting, then they saw men entering them village at the same time as them with beasts.

Whatever the village looked very nervous as they saw a large group of people entering it and they felt fear.

"Mom, are not the people from the empires bad people who try to snatch our land away, why do we let them in." Asked a little boy, that could not understand the situation.

The mother quickly covered his mouth and was scared that someone from Haytam's group had heard him.

And yes, Haytam heard the little boy and then he approached to the little boy and said: "Boy, do not worry, I do not want to snatch your home away. We are not from the empire, so do not worry." Then he took a candy from his pocket and gave it the boy.

The boy was puzzled and the mother too, she did not think that someone could be so kind. And the boy was even more puzzled with the candy, then he never had something similar before. He then put the candy in his mouth and was pleased and happy all of sudden.

"So delicious, Mommy I want more!" Said the little boy to his mother.

"Shh, say thank you and be quite."

"Thank you, uncle."

Haytam smiled and they continued his way.

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    《The All You Want System》