The All You Want System
119 Chapter 119
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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119 Chapter 119

They continued walking till the central plaza of the village. The first impression of the people from this village was that they looked savage but honest.

"Welcome to our village, tell me what you want here?" Asked the same man that leaded the attack.

Haytam saw the not friendly welcome and smiled. He knew that nobody was happy to welcome stranger in the center of their home, it was only because the pressure he used on them that they let them enter the village.

"To be honest, we do not know anything about this place, and we want to learn about it. You are the first to meet with in this place." Said Haytam calmly in their strange language.

Sam and the others were shocked to know that Haytam could speak this language, but now they are used to.

"Are you from the other side of the forest?" Asked the man.

Haytam did not know what he means, but he followed the line.

"Yes, we are from the other side. In one of our journeys, we got lost and we ended in this place." Haytam said.

The man kept silent, then he turned his back and said to Haytam: "Follow me, I myself do not know much, but the tribe elder knows a lot."

Haytam nodded, then he said to his people: "I am going to see the tribe elder, that man said that he knows more."

Sam asked: "Are you sure?"

Haytam replied: "I do not know how they cultivate, but one thing is clear, they are not as strong as me or your bodies."

Sam nodded and went back to the group.

In the tribe elders house, an old man with a lot of tattoos and piercings was sitting in the middle of the room meditating. A strange phenomenon was happening around him. QI in form of beast were flying around him and creating and harmonium of QI between the of heaven and earth. This QI was pure, but wild at the same time. It had also a blood trace in it.

"isn't that the same as bloodlines? But it is different from what I created, this one is wilder and purer, like the beast was fused with their blood and QI." Flustered Haytam, he was shocked. He himself knew about the bloodlines the best, but his method was an artificial bloodline, what he was seeing was a natural bloodline.

"Welcome in our village, young man." The old man opened his eyes and said.

Haytam that was still surprised about the phenomenon in front of him, realized the words of the old man late.

"Thank you that we were welcomed in your beautiful village." Replied Haytam after a short time.

"I heard from Ohan, that you are from the other side of the forest. This is incredible, I lived for so long and I do not know exactly how old I am, but I never witnessed something like that." Said the tribe elder with surprise.

Then he continued: " I always heard that this little part of land was completely separated from the other side of the land by this forest. From the beginning of time we were separated from the other side of the land. This little land welcomes you. Can you tell me how you came to this place?"

Haytam surprised that such person like this old man, who was a strong as him, could not go through a forest and he asked them about how he did it.

"We do not know, we were on journey and then we got lost, as we came out from the forest we were here and lost." Replied Haytam.

"I heard from my ancestors that a few thousand years ago, that a young from the other side also lost his way in the forest and he came in this side out. From then he became a legend." Said the tribe elder after thinking for a moment.

"However, we welcome you in our village, as long as you do not have ill intentions. Maybe my people are weak now, but I ma still alive and I can be dangerous as well." Said the tribe elder and released his aura.

Haytam was sure now, this man was as strong as he. He was surprised, because he did not think that in such a village, someone could be this strong.

"Do not worry, we are peaceful people and we want only to find a home."

Haytam then said goodbye and left the house of the tribe elder and went back to his own people.

"I spoke with the tribe elder and he told me some things about this place. We are now in a separated land, that nobody can access or leave. Even people that are so strong as me. It seems like what we thought before that was strong, is here very common."

Sara and the others were shocked about this statement and asked: "What do you mean by that?"

"The tribe elder, is as strong as me and if you think that we are in a separated part of this world and in a village. And they do not look exceptionally strong, so this world will be a new challenge."

The faces of everybody changed suddenly, then they knew that in a cultivation world the weak will be eaten by the strong. But that was not a reason to them to hide, they saw it like a new opportunity In a new world.

Then Haytam added: "This time I will not help you, I gave you a foundation and you have the best knowledge, even for this place. I will be with you, but I want to see what you can do with your abilities. As you see we are in a weak part of this vast world, were the horizon could not make it smaller. If you are as capable as I think, then you will do great thing. Am I right?"

The excitement of everyone began to rise and they were now ready to begin this new challenge with nothing in the hand.

"You are right!"

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    《The All You Want System》