The All You Want System
120 Chapter 120
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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120 Chapter 120

"Perfect, at first we need a place to live. I thought this place was quite good and we can settle down here. But I have to ask the tribe elder for permission. We do not want to have problems with our new neighbors." Said Haytam and then he wanted to go to the Tribe elder again.

But halfway he turned back, and a book appeared from nowhere in his hand.

"Take this book, there are the basic about the language of this place. If we want a good relationship, we need also to communicate with them." Haytam explained, then he left.

The group saw Sam holding the book and they surrounded him, they all wanted to have a look in the book. But Sam quickly said: "Do not worry, I will make copies of the book and give it to you. With only a book, we will not be able to share it."

The group nodded in response and then dispersed. Even without knowing the language, they went to look what the villagers did usually.

The children went to play with the other children. Some families in the village invited them to come and rest and eat at their houses. The men wanted to go to the forest with the other men to hunt beast for food. And the woman, which never did housework or similar, were astonished about the capabilities of the woman from the village. They also wanted to help, but they were refuted because they were too bad, so they decided to observe and learn.

The men went together to the forest, the ones from the village looked strong and wild. And the ones from Haytam's group were all muscular but skinny and looked refined. The group was mixed strangely and looked weird. It was like a group of scholars hanged up with bodybuilder.

There was no real communication between them, they only gave signals and when something funny happened, then they laughed together.

But then after walking in the forest for one hour, the muscular men stopped and give the signal to stop to the others too.

Then they signalized them something in the right side and signalized them to be silent.

Sam and the other men were all surprised to see the beast on their right side. It was a lion in purple and lightning came from his body out. It was the strongest beast they ever saw, but the muscular man did not show nervous. They told them they should go apart and then they made a formation.

Everyone in the formation began to sing a chant and the tattoos in their bodies began to glow. Then suddenly beasts began to come out from their bodies. But most importantly there were not only beasts, they saw how swords materialized and other weapons.

The ones with the weapons were the first to attack the beast, they sprinted to the beast and began to launch attacks and were as fierce as the beasts.

They caused wounds on the beast till he could not stay anymore, but suddenly the eyes of the beast became red and he stood up again and looked mad. The savage men looked prepared and the ones with the weapons sprinted back and the ones with the summoned beasts run to the front and the beasts began to launch spiritual attacks one after other, till the fire snake of Ohan burned the purple lion to death.

Sam and his group were all stupefied with the perfect coordination of this savage men. They never did something like that, they were always strong enough to fight alone, but they knew now that that time was gone. They needed to adapt and coordinate with each other.

Carlos said: "Brothers, I think we need a coordination training. Did you see that beast? I never thought that a beast could be so strong. Only that lion is in the same level as our before we came, does that mean that the beginning level here is the final level from where we come?"

The others thought about it and Sam replied: "It is possible, then after we reach the immortal ascension we should go further, and this is the continuation of the immortal ascension. That means that we are in the same level as the first realm of their cultivation."

They thought about this and came to the same conclusion.

"We should learn from them to coordinate our strength and continue growing, this world is bigger and stronger than our home planet, we should higher our horizon and look with higher perspective." Carlos said and the others nodded with him.

Meanwhile in the village, Haytam was again in the house of the tribe elder and was drinking tea with him. Both were talking and laughing together and suddenly they both become serious.

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    《The All You Want System》