The All You Want System
122 Chapter 122
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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122 Chapter 122

The next day everyone was helping to clean up the mess they caused yesterday night. They all looked happy, even if they had a lot to clean up.

Haytam and the Tribe Elder were writing a document with all the information detailed. A lot of rules were written down, but mainly it was to help both folks to cooperate and live together.

"We will not interfere with the matters of others unless the other side wants it."

"We will live in a one village, two systems."

"Criminals should be punished through one system to make it fair."

"Every folk have to contribute to the form they can."

"The representant of the folks are the Tribe Elder and Haytam."

The document had a lot more laws, that Haytam and the Tribe Elder decided.

At 12 p.m. the document was signed and Haytam and the Tribe Elder called everyone to meet in the center of the village. They prepared a table and chairs for them and they were sitting.

As everyone gathered in front of them, both began to explain the documents in their respective language.

"From now on these foreigners will join our village and live with us. We discussed both, discussed all the matter related to joining us. And we have written this document."

"From now on, we will live together, and they will cooperate with us and live with us. They will provide their knowledge, that we lack, and we will provide the men and the land to live."

"If there is someone against this, then please step forward and tell us what the problem is."

The tribe Elder was very decisive with his words, he was the head of the village and the grandfather of a lot of people here, maybe even the great grandfather or more. He was so old, that his sons had sons which had sons too.

"Tribe Elder, with all the respect, but we can live alone better. They are foreigners and we should not believe in them so easily. What if they are the spies from the Crow Empire?" A man came out from the crowd and said. He was also the tall and strong and had a sword tattoo in his back.

The tribe elder become silent for a moment and then he replied:

"Ohan, do you remember what happened the last winter to our village?"

The tall and strong man called Ohan became silent and nodded. His eyes flashed with a deep sadness.

The tribe elder then continued: "Last year, we lost 20 children because of the coldness and the scarce of food. I, as the tribe elder of this village, want only the best for my people. And if these foreigners have the solution for our problems in the winter, then I will do everything to let them stay here."

The tribe Elder stopped talking because his voice began to tremble. He remembered what happened last year and even for a man who lived for so long and saw so many people's birth and death, was that from last year too hard.

Haytam was hearing what the tribe elder was saying and then he understood why he accepted so fast and easily. It seems like the coldness from this place was too terrifying and they suffered a lot because of it. Haytam knew that this village was not made for the coldness and as he saw the damaged houses in the village, he knew that the damage was made because of the winter.

After the Tribe Elder finished with what he was saying, nobody was opposing. They all preferred to let foreigners in than to lose more children or elder people.

Then it was Haytam's turn to say something: "Boys and Girls, I do not know how to address you sometimes. You are younger than me and as I met you, you were all little boys and girls. But now you all have matured, and I am still looking like a young man. Some of you are married and have children and you are happy too. I want to tell you that this is our new home and we have new responsibilities. You know that you will grow stronger faster than everyone else in this place, or maybe because we are in a new dimension, you are not more considerate as geniuses. But whatever what the future prepares for us, we should be grateful and make this place our home. So, welcome in your new home."

After he finished, he signed the document and then the Tribe Elder signed it too. In the moment as the document was signed, the document began to glow, and QI surrounded the whole place and then 7 clouds appeared in the sky and thunder began to hit the document. In total the document was hit by 28 thunders. Then the document became dust and the dust spread in the whole village.

"Wow, also a pact approved by the heaven. Tribe Elder, it seems like the heaven approves us to be together." Said Haytam smiling. Then this was a phenomenon that inky happened in this place. If two people or groups made a pact with each other with pure intentions, then the heaven would test the pact with thunders and if the pact can hold more than 12 thunders, then the pact will be approved by the heaven and if someone dares to go against the pact from the two groups or people, then the heaven will punish that group or person by itself.

The Tribe Elder nodded and said: "I never thought that I would experience this with my eyes, it seems like I did not make a wrong decision."

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    《The All You Want System》