The All You Want System
123 Chapter 123
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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123 Chapter 123

In a huge tower, thousands of kilometers away, in an empire called Crow Empire. A man suddenly opened his eyes and was looking in the direction of the village where Haytam was. His eyes were filled with coldness and he had a crow on his shoulder, his black eyes were like black holes without an end.

"It seems like something interesting will happen soon. That little village is really hard to deal with, but they do not know that I was only playing with them. Enjoy the little peace you still have, once I want to do something, nobody can stop me."

Then he closed his eyes and the crow in his shoulder suddenly became fire and entered his forehead. But the incredible thing was that the crow had three legs. At the first glance it was difficult to see, but once you see it you cannot forget it.

"Your majesty, a natural pact was sealed by the heaven. It come from hat place, what should we do int his moment." A man came behind the man with closed eyes.

"Do nothing, wait only, when the time arrives, I will tell what to do."

Back to the village, only now Haytam learned the name of the village. He did not ask before, but as he signed the document, he saw the name. It was a name easy to remember: Stone Village. So simple as it sounds was the name of this village.

"Ok, I want to register your names and your family members. Please, everyone should step to the front and say his name."

Haytam wanted to register who exactly are here and if he has a relationship.

"Carlos, single."

"Sam, single."

"Sara, divorced, two children."

Haytam stopped for a moment and looked to Sara, he did not know that she was divorced and had two children. It was a surprise for him, but then he continued registering.

"Josh, married, one child."

"Max, single."

"Noel, married, no children."

Haytam continued registering for ten minutes and then he saw the list and said: "Till we build new houses, you will sleep with the villagers. I hope you will do it well with them. As you saw, the pact is now regulated by the heavens itself, so we have to do our best."

Then he took a piece of paper and began to say where every family will sleep the next days. He planned that with the tribe elder and the villager were happy to invite them. So, it was easy for them. But even if the villager were friendly, they had to build their own houses and new houses for the villagers too. Then one of the terms to stay here was to make the village infrastructure better.

"Ok, you know now where you will sleep. But we have to begin with the work. Everyone that is specialized with architecture should come to me. The others can do whatever they want."

Quickly almost everyone dispersed and went to do something, like helping the villagers or to care about eh own children.

Only three people were left there, and they were Noel, Ariel and Carlos. Those three seems to be the professionals in this ambit.

"Perfect, come here." Haytam was happy, he had the opportunity to interact with his people better on this way. For example, Noel, Ariel and Siran had not much direct contact with him. Because they were so much and almost the whole time, Sam, Sara, and Carlos were the principal ones that accompanied him. And the others could only see him in groups meetings.

"Let us go to that house, it is the only house that is free, and we can use it for planning."

"tell me, how are you doing and do you like this place." Haytam began a conversation. He wanted to hear the opinion from others in the first person.

"Big brother, you know that we were presidents and almighty before. And now we are in a village. Even if the change is so big, it is okay. Honestly, I was tired of the life as the leader of billions of people. This is somehow better, even if I miss a lot things." Replied Noel, he was smiling while speaking, then he continued: "Even my wife is telling me that I look better now. Maybe we can get a child now."

"Good, I am happy that you are happy. I hope that sister law brings the happy news soon, hehehe."

The others laughed and Noel lowered his head ashamed.

"Ariel, tell me. It was a long time since we talked."

Ariel smiled and began to tell:

"I am happy, to tell you the truth, I wanted to desert before, even if Alice would have put a price on my head. I was too tired; I do not know what the people think that wants to govern a whole dimension with thousands of planets. But now, I am satisfied and maybe I can find a husband." As she said the last sentence, she looked secretly to Carlos. Haytam of course, realized what was happening.

He smiled and said: "Yes, maybe you do not even need to search. It is maybe in your near."

Then he looked to Carlos. Carlos of course did not understand nothing and said: "Big Bro, do not worry about me. I am perfectly good, and this place is perfect. Did you see the men here, look how big their muscles are, I will ask them their secret about how they managed to become like that?"

Carlos was a blabbermouth and an idiot; he always could make Haytam be surprised about his idiotic way of thinking. Even once, Haytam wanted to open his head and investigate, how his brain worked.

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    《The All You Want System》