The All You Want System
124 Chapter 124
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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124 Chapter 124

"Whatever, I called you to stay, to plan for the new village." Said Haytam after he saw that everything that had be to be told, was told, and began with the serious things.

"As you know, a condition to stay here was to help this village to build new houses and infrastructure that can last every season. But we cannot change the village too much. The looks and the buildings design should be similar and no high-tech technology. What do you think we should do at first?"

The three of them began to think and aster a few minutes, Ariel began to tell about her plan.

"As I saw, they do not have any under earth canalization and they have to go out of the village every time they want to go to the toilet. I think we can connect a canalization, but at first, we have to find a river or sea to connect the water to it. Because without a source of water, all the feces and rests will stay under the earth. Do you have a map of this place?"

Haytam was happy with the thinking of Ariel, she was right, it was too uncomfortable to go to the toilet or to shower in this place. He instantly asked the System for a map of this place and he got it directly.

"Here you have. You can take your time."

"Thank you."

Ariel began to study the map and she was very concentrated; Carlos and Noel were looking at the map too and they were making their own plans.

The map showed a large piece of land, but it was like a peninsula, only a little part of the land was connected to the rest of the land and the other parts were all surrounded by the ocean. For Haytam looked this like Spain or Italy from his life before. Th village was marked in red and the surrounding were empty, but 1000 km away an empire began. It was the Crow Empire, that the tribe elder spoke about. It seemed like this peninsula was very large and the forest they cannot cross was the one that was in the same part that connected the peninsula with the rest of the land. The Crow Empire was one of two empires.

The Stone village was near the forest, so nobody reclaimed the piece of land as there. There was a river in the near, that crossed the whole peninsula. It began from the west side and ended in the east side. It was only 200 meters away from the village.

After the inspection and studying of the map, she was very happy, and a smile could not leave her face.

Then she pointed to the river and said: "I never saw a place with such good conditions, look the river is connected with both oceans in the east and west side. That means that the water renews the water the whole time. The only problem is that this water is salt water and is not good for drinking, but I have the solution too."

"We can build a tunnel in the west side of the village, there can flow the water from the river naturally tot eh village and we do not need any other help. The water that enters the canalization can be used for drinking, showering, and cooking. The other water can flow further tot eh east side of the river and can take the rests and feces with it. Because we drink and cook with the water from the west side, we will not be in contact with the east side. It is like building a U-form tunnel and the village is in the middle of the U."

"For the problem about the salt water, we can put a magic filter that filters every bad and salt substances from the water and if you invest more time in the filter, it can also help you to mix some QI in the water that makes it more healthier. What do you think about it?"

Haytam, Noel, and Carlos were thinking about it and Carlos said: "I think it is good. This method is much simpler than other methods and is what we need. This method is much simpler and do not need strange ingredients and techniques. Only the water filter is the most complicated thing about it."

"Yes, I agree." Said Noel and nodded.

Haytam nodded and said: "I think you will need concrete for this construction. What are you planning to build the canalization and the tunnels between the river and village?"

"Concrete is the problem now, from what I saw in the map, here is not a mountain with the substances for concrete. This is a big obstacle." Said Carlos quickly. As he saw the map, he was looking for the places where they could extract substances and ingredients they needed to build and work with. But it seems like this peninsula is only flatland with only few resources.

"Every material you need, you can ask me, and I will give it to you. But only the most important things that you would not find in this place, if you can make it yourself, then you should do it yourself." Said Haytam finally. He knew that thy would not find everything here, so of course, he would help them with the help of the system.

"So, you know how to begin now, you should start. Organize yourself and when you are ready tell me."

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    《The All You Want System》