The All You Want System
125 Chapter 125
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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125 Chapter 125

Carlos, Ariel, and Noel quickly nodded and then they left. Haytam stood there and locked how they were walking away.

"This will be a long journey; I hope nothing will go wrong."

"System, how is the creation of the earth going?" Haytam was thinking the whole time about the order he gave to the system. The order to create and earth like planet like in his memories.

[Master, it will take a long time to create a separated dimension with all the stars, planets, galaxies and universes and the earth. I am working with my best abilities, but you do not forget that I am not god. So, I cannot create an earth in seven days. I need much more time and when it is finished, then I will tell you.]

Haytam was shocked, he could hear irritation from the monotony voice of the system. He could not believe that the characterless system could be irritated, so he nodded and said thank you. He did not want to continue disturbing the system.

This was also the reason why he tried to use the system as less as possible, because he knew that the system was working the whole time on the creation of the earth.

[Master, can I scan all the knowledge of this dimension?]

Haytam was waiting for this question, then every time he was in a new place, the system will ask him the same question. So, of course he accepted and let the system scan the knowledge. It was also a good thing for him to learn new things. It only made him stronger and stronger. One thing was clear and that was that he would never be the weak. He once was weak, and he regretted it for a long time.

And they were now in a world that was more dangerous than the previous one, so it was better to prevent than to cry or die.

"Yes, you can. And pass all the new information to my brain. Stop with the creation of the new earth and concentrate yourself with this task. Upgrade also all the cultivation techniques and tell me the new realm in this dimension."

[Yes master]

Haytam knew that this time the system would take more time than normally, then this dimension consists in only one flat planet, that is bigger than then dimension that they lived before in.

After that Haytam went to a hill in the near of the village to take a rest. He was different from the others, then he did not want to live with the people anymore. He only wanted to see his little brothers having a good life and that the persons under his protection are safe. This was his new goal; every other goal did not matter now. Maybe in a few years, he would find a new goal that allows him to go out, but for now he wanted peace.

In the top of the hill he saw that the environment was very good and he like this place very much. Then he laid on the ground and looked the sunny day and smiled.

"I hope all the days of the rest of my eternity would be like this, peaceful with the people I love and with out any problems." He said his dream loud once and then he closed his eyes and slept. For the rest of the day, he slept and nothing more happened.

"Young man, wake up." An old voice could be heard and Haytam woke up quickly.

As he opened his eyes and saw who woke him up, he was surprised.

"Tribe Elder, what are you doing here in the hill?"

The old voice came from the Tribe Elder, surprisingly.

"Young man, I am old, but I am still fit and can do a lot of things. This hill is the place where I came to think."

Replied the old man with a smile.

"Young man, what are you thinking about? You do not look good; you can speak with me if you have any problem. The only thing I am talented apart from cultivating, is to listen the problems of others."

Haytam was somehow happy that the old man asked about how he was and what he was thinking.

"I was betrayed by my loved one for the sake of power, I almost lost my life and could only survive by luck. After that I was in anger and could only seek for revenge. Luckily, I revenged myself and she is dead now. But I do not know what to do now apart from helping my little brothers and sisters and people. You lived for a long time if I am not wrong for a few centuries. Do you know what I should do?"

The old man smiled and listened to Haytam with a peaceful face. As Haytam finished, he kept silent for a long time and then he said.

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    《The All You Want System》