The All You Want System
126 Chapter 126
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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126 Chapter 126

"Can you imagine how old I am?" Asked the old man.

"No, I do not know." Replied Haytam confused.

"I am 1254 years old; I am the oldest person that ever lives in this village. But do you know why I stay in this village instead of going somewhere else and became stronger?"

"No, why?"

"I was born in this village as the son of a man, that was weaker than all the other men in the village, therefor he was bullied. But he was a strong man and he worked harder than everyone and raised his two sons. Surprisingly the two of his sons were both geniuses, they cultivated much faster than everyone else in the village. Because of that the village elder of that time decided to send them to the empire in the near and let them train and become stronger. What do you think until now?"

"I think you found luck in the unluck."

"Maybe, but one of the two sons had grudges against the village because of his hard and difficult childhood. Once he established himself in the empire and had power, he began to use his influence to make the empire destroy the village. But the other son always stopped every attack on the village with his own power. The son with grudges stayed in the capital and continued his cultivation while sending forces to destroy the village. While the other son, that was much more talented, returned to the village to protect it. Now, I am old, and I do not know when I will die, but I know that my brother is still very lively and looks still young and he will do all he can to destroy this village." He stopped and a tear flow on his cheek, but without crying. Then he continued: "Sometimes your nearest family can be more destructive than others. I left everything behind me, the fame, the power, and everything only to save this village. While my brother became the emperor of the Crow empire. But do you know what? I never regretted once my decision. I did everything I could to save my home and my family, even if the cost were a high one. I did not reach the highest point of the cultivation I could have reached, but I ma happy to have seen generation after generation growing up and dying."

Haytam listened silently and heard the peaceful voice of the tribe elder and was surprised about the live of this old man. He may have been betrayed by a girl that he loved for a short time and finite. But he was betrayed by his own brother in blood. Honestly, Haytam did not know how to react about this, this was something he did not expect to hear from the old man.

"Did you ever tried to end this, even of you have to ill your own brother?" Asked Haytam after a long time of thinking.

"Of course, but you have to imagine that he has an army behind him and influential people. So, the only thing I could do is to kill those weak soldiers and cultivators that were send every time. And after centuries of the same thing, it became a habit of mine. I was only waiting for someone before I die."

"Why are you saying you were looking for someone before you die? Are you searching for someone special or what? I can help you; I have the medium to do it." Haytam offered his help.

"No need, I already found someone that can handle that little bastard. Am I right Haytam?"

Haytam was shocked and then he said: "Do you mean me? Why me?"

"Because you know how to protect, this is the reason. And I know you are an exceptional person. Only your cultivation says that you are much better than all the others." The old man smiled and then he stood up and wanted to go. But he heard a strange question from Haytam.

"What do you need to cultivate stronger?"

"Hehe, young man if you have any cultivation supplements, you should keep it for yourself. My inner beast has very strange needs to grow stronger, you cannot give me what I need, and no one can give it to me."

Haytam was puzzled and asked again: "Do not worry and tell me, you cannot judge if I have something or not."

The old man suddenly began to glow and the tattoos on his body began to move and a tiger appeared. But the problem was that this tiger was not a normal one, but it was a crimson red tiger.

"This is my beast and he is in 3 level. But I cannot go higher in cultivation because he now only absorbs Blood QI and nothing else. In the beginning of my cultivation I could absorb normal QI to grow stronger, but since I reached the 3rd level of cultivation, I could not absorb it anymore. I have to kill to absorb Blood QI to grow stronger, but the price is too high for me and I will not kill innocents to become stronger."

Haytam had no clue what an inner beast was or what the 3rd level represents or what Blood QI was, but he could not show himself as if he were clueless.

He nodded and said: "Maybe I can help you soon, I promise you that you will end your fight with your own hands."

"Young boy does not worry about this old man. I only want to die peacefully and make secure that my village till the end. Thank you about thinking about his old man."

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    《The All You Want System》