The All You Want System
127 Chapter 127
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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127 Chapter 127

The old man left the hill and Haytam continued staying there. Suddenly the system spoke:

[System upgraded; new functions are available now. Transferring new knowledge and the upgraded cultivation methods.]

Haytam loved when the system did an upgrade, because that means that he could do more thinks. For example, he could create gold from nothing if he wants, but the process would be different with every upgrade. The system also works easier and better.

[From now on the system will project your information in a window every time you need it.]

Name: Haytam

Age: 1048 years


Cultivation Realm: 3rd level QI Devourer

Wealth: Infinite

Haytam suddenly stood up and was shocked after seeing the age displayed in the window, then this was impossible.

"System, how can it be that I am 1048 years old. You did a mistake."

[No, it is not. I calculated the time you were floating in the void with the most precise formulas and your age is 1048 year. Because the time in the void works different as outside.]

"but I feel like maximal 20 years old. How can I be more than 1000 years old? But than that means that I am as old as the tribe elder. I do not know how to feel about this. System, can you put my shape age too?"

[Yes, I can]

Name: Haytam

Age: 1048 years (21)


Cultivation Realm: 3rd level QI Devourer

Wealth: infinite

Haytam was truly shocked, he did not know that he lived for so long in the darkness without doing anything, that means he lost more than he thought. Maybe outside only a few years passed, but even if so, he could not accept it.

"That means the people could call me elder, I cannot let anyone know my age." Haytam was incredibly shocked. But after a while he recovered.

"System, can you tell me what the cultivation ranking is with an explanation?"

[Yes, I can.]

[The cultivation in this dimension is the ultimate cultivation method that could survive since the ancient times. In this dimension exists a lot of ways to cultivate, but most of them are familiar methods and they do not let anyone know about how they cultivate. They are the so-called clans, only people born in the clans had the right to cultivate the method and nobody can leave a clan. The clans have a patriarchal govern system and they are very wealthy the most of times. But thsis clans are the ones with special cultivation methods, like the alchemists, bloodlines or similar.]

[The common way of cultivation is the activation of the soul beast, like the one you saw from the tribe elder. The soul beasts are decided in four categories: earth, heaven, saint and divine. Every category is better than the last one and they decide how far a cultivator can cultivate. The soul beast is cultivated by absorbing QI from the heaven and earth. As stronger the soul beast gets as stronger the body, soul and mind of the cultivators becomes. The soul beast is used for attacks directly or the cultivators fusions the techniques of the soul beast with his body. For example, the tribe elder can attack with the red tiger directly or fuse with it and his physical body gets the characteristics of the red tiger. Of course, the cultivator can use other techniques like body techniques or qi techniques without using the soul beast at all. Like you knew till now.]

[The soul beast is principally to support the cultivator in fights as defense or attacks. And the most important function is to decide how fast and far you will cultivate.]

[The cultivators here are called QI Devourers and they are divided in 15 levels. The first three levels are mainly to give the cultivator enough life force and prolong the life of the QI devourers, a 3rd level QI devourer can live for 1300 years. Because cultivation needs a lot of time, the cultivator accumulates the 1300 years in the three first realms and after that they would only become a little input in live force. I will show you a table with the details.

-1st level: 250 years. -2nd level: 700 years -3rd level: 1300 years

-At the 10th level: 5000 years

-At the 15th level: Infinite

But even if this looks good, you should be asking if there is a lot of people with an age of 1000 years or more. The answer is: no. The population of this dimension cannot be counted in numbers, but 99,999999% are mortals and cannot cultivate. And the cultivators live in a world of slaughter and they mostly die young.]

Haytam was surprised and he asked the system: "How strong are the men in the village?"

[They are all only in the 1st level QI devourer and they cannot go further, because of the poor QI in this area.]

"Are you saying that the body of an immortal ascension cultivator is only so strong as a 1st level QI devourer?"

[Yes, it is even a bit weaker. Then in this dimension, a normal stone in the ground can destroy a planet in your old dimension. The QI here is so strong, that the natural density and volume of everything is much stronger than in other dimensions.]

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    《The All You Want System》