The All You Want System
128 Chapter 128
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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128 Chapter 128

Haytam was not so shocked, but his expression was hard to tell. Then who would believe that a random stone here can destroy a whole planet in the other dimension.

"But what if the people here went to other dimensions, would they not be able to destroy everything?"

[No, they cannot. Then this Dimension is closed, you can only enter it and not leave it.]

"Are you saying that this is a trap for cultivators?"

[No, because this Dimension is the last destiny of every cultivator, the people who can reach this dimension are all the supreme lords in their original dimension. Nobody wants to return once they reach this place.]

"Is there nothing after you cultivate to the highest level? You only get the immortality and finito?"

[Sorry, but this information is a secret. The natural laws do not allow me to tell you! You have to reach the level to know what will happen after you reach the top.]

Haytam was puzzled, since the beginning the Natural Laws never stopped the system of doing something. He knew that the Natural Law was not something he could explain, then the Natural Law was different and similar in every dimension, planet, and place. The Natural Law was the one that controlled everything and kept the equilibrium at every moment. Sometimes the Natural Law would do nothing, sometimes it would do. For example, one of the reasons why they left the last dimension was that the Natural Law forbid more than one Immortal Ascension cultivators and for every extra, the natural law would have destroyed the whole dimension. Because there was a margin of time that allowed immortal ascension cultivators stay there to prepare themselves to go to the next higher dimension, the dimension did not destroy itself instantly.

Haytam stood up and said: "System, what cultivation level is suitable for this part of the planet?"

[The 5th level is suitable, then this is only barren land, and no one can cultivate above this level.]

"Perfect, make me a 5th level QI devourer."

Instantly a huge amount of QI flooded his conscience and he felt how his body was changing and becoming stronger than it was before. He even goa few tattoos again. He had tattoos before, but after the system made his body indestructible and purified it from ever bloodline, he never had again a tattoo, because they were connected with the bloodline.

"Wow, they look so good. What are those images? I never saw them." Haytam saw the tattoos and he was stunned. It was not the art of tattoos from bloodline that a cultivator got. But they were pure texts. His whole body, for the exception of his head, face, hands, neck, and foots, were all tattooed.

"The one created us, and to the one we return." Haytam read the beginning of the text and he thought that this was a religious text. He could not understand why a text like this appeared in his body.

"System, what is this tattoo?" Asked Haytam anxious.

[Your body is so pure and strong, that you created a soul connection with the Natural law.] replied the system with its mechanic voice.

Haytam began to think why this happened, he knew that he had the purest body in the whole existence, but he never thought that once he got here and practiced the cultivation of this world he would got a soul connection with the Natural Law. Others got soul connections with beasts, weapons or books and he got a connection with the natural Law, that could be the strongest existence in all the places of the world.

"let us try this soul connection now! Maybe it is something good." He began o activate the soul connection with Qi and a little after he felt nothing. He tried again and nothing happened.

"What the f*ck? This is not what I expected." He said that angry and then stamped the ground. At the same time when he did that, the beautiful evening darkened with grey clouds and a thunder struck to the ground.

Haytam was shocked, then with his level he could tell when the weather changed but this was so sudden that he had no idea.

"Could it be I who did that?" Haytam asked himself and stumped the ground again. Like if the heave knew that he was angry, a lightning struck again.

"I hit the jackpot, hahaha. I can control the heavens; I can control the heavens. I am unbeatable." Haytam was so excited that he began to jump like a little kid and was laughing and singing.

Of course, you may ask why he is so excited, when he could use the lightning element before. The reason is that the lightning from the Natural Law contained all the natural laws in it and could punish people or help them. It was like holy water; you cannot compare it with normal water.

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    《The All You Want System》