The All You Want System
129 Chapter 129
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The All You Want System
Author :neohaytam
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129 Chapter 129

After he got this good new, he left the hill happily and went back to the village. At this time, everybody was gathered in the plaza and they shared with each other what they did the whole day. Only at mid night, everyone returned to their respective homes and went to sleep.

The next morning a group of people were standing in front of Haytam and they were waiting for something. The people in front of the group were Ariel, Noel and Carlos. This group were gathered for the project of the canalization.

"Ok, like I see you can begin now. All the materials you need are on the hill there and you can use whatever you need. Ah, do not work rapidly. Quality over rapidity."


They replied and then they went to the hill to see the materials and to begin the construction.

"It seems like till the construction of the infrastructure; I cannot do anything."

"Ah yes, I should give them all the upgraded cultivation manuals, or they would not be able to do anything here with that miser manual they have right now."

Haytam then with a thought ordered the system to send every manual to the person it belongs and then he ordered the system to upgrade the manual of the villagers secretly.

What means secretly? It means that they would not feel any difference from the original manual and the upgraded. When they will cultivate with the new manual, which is the same as the original at the basics, they will not feel any difference because the system would change some memories in their brain for it.

Haytam knew that this issue was not correct, but he could also not show the system or tell them that their method was rubbish. So, the best way to give it to them without their knowing.

And the other reason was that he did not want a big difference of power in the village. If the villager began to feel scared that the outsiders are getting stronger and stronger and may took over their village, then dangerous things could happen, that could be avoided for the best of everyone.

The cultivation methods were the second thing that decided the speed of your cultivation apart from the soul beast. If the cultivation method suits perfect with the soul beast, then the cultivating will be much smoother and easier.

The problem of this peninsula here was that the QI was so weak that nobody had strong soul beasts. As you know there is four categories: earth, heaven, saint and divine. From the knowledge the system collected, in this little place the strongest soul beasts were only heaven ranking. For example, the tribe elder and his brother. Both were very special here and that was the reason why the brother could achieve becoming the emperor of an empire. It was already a bless to that in a family in a little village, two brothers having heaven ranking soul beasts.

Then normally the people in this place would only get earth ranking soul beasts. And even if they awake the soul beast, they will not cultivate further than 2nd level. Because of the scarcity of the QI here. Maybe in other parts of the continent they would have become a 4th level or 5th level at most. But as you see even a heaven ranking soul beast QI devourer could not cultivate further than the 3rd level without any supplements.

His brother in the other side was already a 5th level QI devourer because he used a lot of spirit plants, pills, and other supplements.

Now Haytam had another question in mind: "Should I create an own ecosystem here with the perfect environment for cultivating?"

"No, if I do that, I would be doing the same mistake as before. But the QI is really bad for the standards in this dimension. If this were our original dimension, the QI here would be sufficient for anyone to reach the peak of cultivation."

Haytam was again in a dilemma, but he knew that he should not interfere to much in this matters. Then he decided yesterday something.

"I will be going anyway after a time; I cannot be their babysitter forever. If they need more Qi, then they would be able to create formations or search for other methods to have more QI."

Yes, he wanted to leave. After a whole time of experiencing pain, he wanted to break free in a new world and have an adventure again. This time without interfering too much in the issue of other people.

He then went to the house of the tribe elder and put secretly in a corner a bag full with stones. This stones were not normal ones, but very special. This stones were the Blood QI stones, that the tribe elder needed to cultivate. This Blood QI could only be gathered by slaughter, but Haytam could easily form that with his new soul connection with the natural law. Because now he knew a few secrets from the heaven, he could use them and create a few things with the help of the system recreating it. Then in the natural law were the recipes and the system and the manufacturing and ingredients to create them.

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    《The All You Want System》